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After trying the NSP (which I’m taking a break from now), and a part of that being glutathione, I’ve found success with this. For a while I was taking the glutathione via capsules, then I started nebulising it, now I’ve moved onto the hard stuff: I’m taking it via a nasal spray that I bought from Custom Medicine. After purchasing it for a few months at around $45 for a month’s supply, plus $20 postage and handling, I decided to make my own. Although, I can tell you that the two batches I purchased from Custom Medicine, arrived in pristine condition: they were not contaminated by fragrance wearers, nor did they have any other type of contamination such as cleaners, or other medicines in it or on the packaging. (Custom Medicine make their products in a quality control lab, which you can see a picture of here.) (I’ll blog some more about other supplements I’ve purchased from here soon.)

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My specialist, Dr Colin Little, says of the treatments I often try, “So long as it does no harm.” And, even though taking this particular supplement is not causing me any obvious or noticeable harm, If I’m spending money on it while I’m trying to build a house, well, that kind of is doing me harm. That money could be better spent on our house, yes? So, in the interests of creating safe housing, that’s why I’ve started making my own glutathione nasal spray!

I’m not a doctor (obviously!), and I don’t recommend for any one else to make their own glutathione spray as there may be fallbacks to doing so. Some of the things I can think of: introducing infection into the sinuses; causing further inflammation of already inflamed areas; possible reaction to the glutathione (I’ve read about it irritating the nose lining.).

So without any further waffling on, I will share with you my method:


One nasal spray delivery bottle (If I had to replace the bottle I have, I’d buy a brand called Fess (it’s a saline spray), which I’d then tip out and reuse the bottle.)

Buffered glutathione (mine is from Theranaturals (who I’m in no way affiliated with))

Medical grade saline solution

(Important Notes:

I keep mine in the fridge as glutathione can undergo changes at room temperature

Also, I discard it and make a fresh batch after one month

I sterilise my delivery container with boiled water and saline between each batch; and I leave it to dry on the windowsill in sunlight before adding my concoction)

My Method

I take one sterilised nasal delivery bottle. Then I fill the bottle with medical grade saline solution. Next I open one full capsule of buffered glutathione and tip it into the bottle. I fasten the lid, then shake it. I leave this for a few minutes before use. And I store it in the fridge. (Using buffered glutathione is important because glutathione alone will burn the nasal lining. (Ouch, that’d hurt!))

Personal Use

I try to use this daily, however, when I’m well I have gone weeks without using it. I just can’t be bothered taking anything because I feel so good, I feel that I don’t need it (this recovery is only recent, before this, and for the last six months, I’ve been doing it daily).

I always, always, take it after a chemical exposure that has caused me harm. It’s possible, and I’ve mentioned this in another post, that it’s the saline solution that helps clear my sinuses, and helps rinse the fragrance, petrochemicals, or whatever else from my nasal cavity. Either way, it helps and I’m going to keep doing this one thing as part of my treatment plan.

Other Methods

There are many methods were you can get glutathione. Possibly the best, and smartest way would be from foods; particularly turmeric.

Rich Van Konynenburg, over at Phoenix Rising has complied some handy information on the variety of ways we can up our glutathione, and some suppliers of glutathione supplements. Thanks Rich!

List of suppliers for Liposomal Complex possibly suitable for environmentally sensitive people, here


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  1. Thanks for sharing, I am also dealing with MCS and had not heard of spraying your nose after an exposure.

  2. sabrina029 says:

    I’m going to try this. One way to get raised glutatione is with coffee enemas but it’s a pain in the ass! Seriosly, it’s not easy to do and I have to wonder if its worth all the fuss. THis way looks far less intrusive, he he :)

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