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Today, I received this. Not sure if many of my readers are in a good financial position but if you are and you have received or know someone who has received help from these amazing and dedicated doctors, then you may be able to offer some assistance; I wish I could. If not for one of these doctors I would still be in pain, thinking that MCS, or, rather, Inhalant Allergies was my major problem instead of knowing (on the first appointment, and just by describing my symptoms) that I actually have CIRS. An MRI sent to NeuroQuant confirmed this doctor’s diagnosis-to-be:

For over 30 years, ACNEM has been sharing the passion for Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, driven by the ambition to establish NEM as central to medical practice, with the ultimate goal of better patient outcomes through the use of preventative medicine which benefits the community at large.

As you know, we are a not-for-profit organisation, and as we approach the end of another financial year, we are reaching out for your assistance.

Our IT systems are in urgent need of updating, including new hardware (computers, screens and telephones) as well as software (updates to Windows, Microsoft Office and our database systems). It has been many years since we have invested in new technology.  Your donations will go a long way to ensure we can efficiently and effectively continue to offer improvements to our members and the community in the way we deliver our services, to provide high quality face-to-face and online training programs, to foster and support our members in their practice, to establish a community of like-minded Doctors and Associate members, and to keep abreast with the latest biomedical research.

Please make your donation here

We are grateful for your support in the work we do to promote and advocate for Nutritional and Environmental Medicine to the profession, policy makers and the public. In return, we commit to provide leadership and excellence in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.

Please make a tax-deductible donation to support ACNEM before June 30.

Warm regards,
The ACNEM Team
Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine
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Phone: +61 (3) 9597 0363
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