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This video from Ella Bangs is the one I used to cut my own hair at the front and sides, recently. I did have a hairdresser come to my house but decided I wanted bangs at the side—after she left. Trouble is, I’ve only done one side, however, I like it because when I plait it to one side, the pieces I cut stay in. If I plait it to the other side, they poke out so I may leave it just on one side.

I’ll post more about my home DIY hair and beauty routines later but for now I thought this video may be of help to those of you who have trouble accessing a hairdresser. Please note: it’s important that you purchase hair scissors rather than using your kitchen ones! I paid around $64 for mine but they do go up in price from there; and I purchased them from here at i-Glamour.  If you only use them sometimes, I don’t recommend buying an expensive pair (like $350!). My pair were one of the cheapest. I like getting them from i-Glamour because the products arrive without fragrance residue on them.
I’ll be sending them a link to this page so they know not to change their procedures in regards to storing there products near fragrance-chemical based products. I’ve also contacted Ella Bangs to see if she can do a low-allergy, fragrance-free video for us.


Please always look for the little rabbit symbol that shows products have not been tested on animals and choose fragrance-free products, of course

And here is a hair style I’m playing about with at the moment:

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  1. Danielle says:

    I received my Creaclip package this week. I ordered the kit that has the small and large Creaclip, a pair of haircutting scissors and the clipper.
    I was a little worried about the quality of the tools, given the price, but the scissors are quite nice and the clipper is rechargeable and comes with a charging stand, comb, cleaning accessories, as well as adaptors to cut different lengths, so this is great for clipping very short hair.
    I tried using the Creaclip on myself. That was not very successful, as I expected, but not dramatic, since I cut it just a bit. So I had my daughter cut my hair with the Creaclip, and the results are quite nice. She was even able to in a little layering at the bottom, to help with volume.
    I can imagine someone with very long hair could cut their own hair with this tool, but it is tricky for thin hair like mine, because the hair tends to slip out of the clip. Otherwise, I think anyone with who has mastered basic cutting skills and who knows how to use a level can do a very simple cut, but it is definitely easier to do on someone else.
    And although I found that the original price of 29.99 USD is a bit steep, especially for international shipping which adds a lot to the cost, I found I got my money’s worth by buying the 59.99 USD kit with scissors and clipper, even though the CD that comes with the package really sucks (all the videos are found on youtube).

  2. Danielle says:

    What a coincidence… I was searching for a fragrance free salon just yesterday! It turns out I found one hairstylist who is committed to low chemicals and no fragrances, but… it is a two hour drive from Montreal… This might be complicated. I tried having a hairstylist come to my home… That did not work out at all, even if I thoroughly explained my condition, she had so much chemicals on her, the entire house wreaked for hours!
    I checked out the link you provided… I’m afraid I don’t have enough talent with hair to do what she is doing… I still figured I would check for videos on how to cut bob styles, since this is what I have. I figured my daughters could learn how to cut hair. I stumbled on a series of videos where people use a device called CreaClip to cut their own or other people’s hair. You absolutely have to check out this video of a little girl cutting her family’s hair: She definitely convinced me this is something even I can handle. I ordered a CreaClip kit that comes with a small and large clip, scissors and an electric clipper.
    I’ll let you know how that goes… Thanks for your post.


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