The Letter from my Treating Allergist and Immunologist in Regards to Building a Safe Home

This is a copy of my doctor’s letter written specifically for my situation so that I can get help from tradespeople and product manufactures while building a home safe enough for me to live in without getting sick from the materials and products used in its construction; I also have to avoid mould, which means I am building a house that won’t go mouldy.

I have huge medical issues with solvents, which impact on my health, making it impossible for me to be near them for any length of time. For marketing purposes and the book I’m writing, Freedom: An Allergy-Free, Eco-Friendly Home, it’s just like I am writing and researching all the ideas and possible products that could be used so that other people, too, can build a home that suits their particular allergy and chemical sensitivity needs. This could include skin allergies, inhalant allergies, asthma or any other condition that has ‘chemical sensitivity’ as a symptom, including CIRS and mould Illness. In reality, however, I am building a house that has to meet the requirements of MY many allergies and chemical sensitivities, the worst being mould, solvents and fragrances.

I won’t be able to live in a house that has solvents, fragrances or mould in it. I will be homeless if I don’t get this house right. I WILL get this house to the standard I need. I WILL do what it takes to do that.

This is the letter here:


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  1. What a great doctor, but…are the tradies listening?

    • Yes, they are. It’s more a few of the product manufacturers that are pushing the issue. Legally, It’s a disability and I don’t want to end up in VCAT or DDLD (Disability Discrimination Legal Services) over not being able to live in the house. I know that my condition may sound unbelievable to some but it’s very real on this end. We actually have some lovely tradies; we’ve been very lucky so far.

      • That’s a relief – about the tradies. Pity about the manufacturers, but I suspect they were the more intractable right from the start. All too often, our only choice as consumers is not to consume at all. In your situation, however, you have to create a safe place in which to live. I’m glad things are going well for you.

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