See the World Through Vegan Eyes

For those who are not vegan and like to send texts stating: ‘Ethically Murdered Meat’, where when we click on the link and it goes to an organic or, sorry, Biodynamic butcher shop. It’s not funny. I care about these animals, greatly. Please respect the idea that some humans have woken up and are in touch with what is actually happening to living beings before you say dumb stuff. (The comment above was more original than what I often see online. Like, “Look at my canines.” *that’s a good one*.

Watch this video by ‘Compassionate Living‘, please. See it through our eyes:

See the World Through Vegan Eyes

Co-edited by The Vegan Activist

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  1. Thank you for sharing this insightful video. I will share among some of my friends but I’m sure I’ll be ridiculed but the reality is, they ridicule me anyway. I’m not Vegan but I’m vegetarian on the verge of veganism and have the same empathy for animals. Much love <3

    • Michellina van Loder says:

      Thank you for watching. I am so happy you are on the path to veganism, It is so different for all of us but it’s true, yes, we get ridiculed about it. Like being sensitive to someone else’s life or feelings is an awful quality to have? Much Love to you too, Samira <3

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