Proof Paleo Diet Makes you Overweight

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In the last post, ‘Where is the Love‘, we touched on the real-world scenario of testing on animals, thinking it will help humans; now I bring you an epic fail, to say the least: testing a dairy and meat-based diet on naturally vegan animals, mice. (No, I certainly did not find this in; and I’m bloody I’m insulted you’d think I’d even go there looking for cherries for my Journalistic pieces (at least they wouldn’t have made me get fat–unless I had a thyroid issue or something.) Guess what happened to the mice who were forced to go on a Paleo diet? They got fat. Which might explain why we too get bigger when we eat too many animal products including and not limited to, dogs.

Vegan humour: If I eat that dog is it still Paleo?

“If I eat that dog is it still Paleo?”

(Ergo, even if they had used monkeys that have a similar genetic make-up, there is a good chance they still would have stuffed up the testing. I mean look at Pantene, they were allegedly busted testing on animals yet people still use their products. Gee, lucky they did actually test this stuff on animals so us chemically sensitive humans won’t ever get inflamed airways when we breathe that shit in, hey? I mean surely the results came back and it’s all fine to shampoo our hair with any and all brands of chemical-irritant based concoctions called fragranced shampoo?)

Because they used mice and fed them a paleo diet, we will now hear more on the subject from Pete Evens, who, even himself said: 

“The first question I’d ask is: ‘Why are they testing mice on a diet that isn’t their natural diet in the first place?”‘

Yes, why Pete? Why feed people mice food that they’re not designed to eat? Why not use humans?

More from the blog piece, ‘Paleo Diet makes MICE fat – your tax dollars at work‘ over at the blog, Let’s End Animal Experiments:

The chimpanzee genome (complete genetic material) is 98.77 percent identical to that of humans, therefore, researchers argue that chimpanzees will be the species most likely to replicate human outcomes in scientific (biomedical and toxicity) testing. However this small genetic variation between human and chimpanzees accounts for very significant differences in the way diseases affect the two species.  You only need to look at the tragic results ofwhat happened in France recently when a new drug (BIA 10-2474, to treat pain and anxiety) ‘successfully’ tested in chimpanzees was translated to humans.  One man dead and others suffering permanent brain damage.”

People who know I’m against animal testing also know I’m all for testing on humans, but only the evil ones. (That’s a whole other post.) However, out-dated popular culture and humanity failed at testing on humans (evil and innocent ones) too cause they tested the Paleo diet on the masses and the masses became overweight. Please, remind me again why they ran this study on the poor vegan mice: I’m confused?

For more on this, we’ll now go over to the news in video form from Plant Based News with Holly Fit Brown:


YouTube: Holly Fit Brown

Plant Based News: Actual News on the Latest Vegan Topics including good news stories relating to animals (as opposed to mass slaughterhouse footage)

Let’s End Animal Experiments

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    Say! Have you ever heard of a movie called Solvent Green? Watch the movie and then answer the questions you have asked?

    • Michellina van Loder says:

      Yes, I’ve heard of the product called soylent after the movie soylent green. Is that the one? If you have a copy, Skype me and we’ll watch it together, lol.

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