When’s the Right Time to Get Your Boogie On?

We have foil floors in this rental house that are slippery to dance on when wearing socks. I’m way over the moon to tell you I should be out of here, and into ‘Freedom: An Allergy-Free, Eco-Friendly Home‘, which also happens to be the title of the book I’m in the process of writing. I wrote a post on ‘Get your exercise anyway you can‘, and I wasn’t joking! Here’s a shot of a morning yoga session at the beach.


That is not sea monster coming out of the water, it’s my dog, Bella.

And here’s a shot of our foil floors at home. DSC02244 I don’t have the stamina to walk the on the beach (I used to do 6 kms easy) nor run on my treadmill even in a controlled environment (only within practical reason (with air purifiers, dehumidifiers and air-conditioning) and not with full environmental controls (meaning a safe home)). Hopefully in my new house, I’ll be better and be able to go back to doing cardio. But for now, I’m making the best of this situation by hanging out with BananaBlondie108 and GretchenKarma. And I will tell you this: aluminium foil floors are slippery when you dance on them in long socks and yoga pants. It’s way fun, and may possibly be one of the only things I will miss about living here.

Yesterday, after 6 days of being sick and exhausted after 3 hour drive to see my GP last week, I woke up on the 7th day?feeling better. ? While I was wondering if today was the day I could do morning yoga–like successful, satisfying yoga where I feel at peace and energised afterwards–this lovely person @gretchastretch popped up doing a live #periscope yogic energy dance endorphin thing. So, after my 1st coffee (usually I have 3) I was out of bed dancing in my socks on my slippery aluminium-coated-foil floor. So much fun. So heart lifting. So free from the mind and body constraints of my illness. And then I did my practice with @bananablondie108 and my hot vegan boyfriend, Dan? (Later in the day, stuff happened at the new build where the state of my health took a hit. Today I’m in bed smiling through my illness, and feeling amazed at the beauty and compassion in our world ?.) Thank you @amazingameliahill ?for leading me to Instagram world with your positive-thought-provoking words) #grateful #yoga #dance #periscope #gretchenkarma #SEID #MCS #amazingameliahill

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This is the pine floor that releases pine terpenes that give me a headache. Every six months we layer another layer of foil lasagna down. Because if we don’t the fumes make their way through. We’ve just laid down another layer, so all is cool! DSC02245 In our new house, it’s going to be so damn awesome to have a room to work out in that doesn’t make me sick. Since being forced to slow down and only, only, do yoga, I’m learning a new appreciation for my body and the things I do for it. Yoga is grounding me right now.

Off to do some yoga with #bananablondie108 cause I can’t hack the stress and worry over my project: #buildAnEcoFriendlyAllergyFreeHouse A photo posted by Michellina (@michellinaoutofthelabyrinth) on

If I can manage chronic illness and work out in this house, I can do it anywhere. And my next house is going to be so awesome to not have to be trying to control the air I breathe, which means I’ll have more time for yoga, my exercise of choice. hinduism-277207_1280 The bonus of your children moving out is the extra space for gyms and yoga rooms; yes, one of each: we’ve removed the wall in between the two rooms so that it’s just one giant space. With tiles on the floors, not wood, we’re going to need a solution for yoga mats that are non-toxic. Perhaps, I need to ask FoodBabe, LOL. Tiles can be bone breaking if you fall, I’m told. I’m tempted to do floorboards just in the studio gym but I’m over trying to use paints for now. If you have any ideas on floor enamel for hardwood floors as in coatings that would be great if you could share them with us at the labyrinth, please leave a comment below.

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  1. Glad you manage some dance and yoga sometimes.
    Regarding floor coatings, I have some experience with paint from this company.
    I think the paints might be reasonably ok for me but at this stage they have only been tried in spaces that are troublesome to me anyway. At least it didn’t make a bad situation worse. I haven’t tried the polyclear at this stage. Not much of a recommendation really, but you could test some on a sample if you were really keen.
    I also tracked down some solvent free boiled linseed oil (made using the pre solvent era traditional process) for a project once, but the linseed oil had a strong odour of its own so I doubt that it would work for you.

    • Michellina van Loder says:

      Thanks, I do too. I’ve come from a place (the last ten years at least) where I could jog on the beach and take the dog for a walk, so just being able to do some form of exercise is key for me to feel like myself. Besides, it helps with sore joints.

      I like the idea of the linseed oil, I wouldn’t worry about the odour so much but I would worry about it going rancid and causing a mould reaction. I think this is why companies use biocides in their products so they can use these oils without this repercussion. I’m going with the building biology approach and trying to have walls that breathe (sounds funny doesn’t it :) So I might go with clay paints if I can find a plaster that doesn’t have vinyl in it. Most do. I think, and this is just based on what Dr Little has told me, that some solvents are good because they are what make the product harden, which makes them sturdy and less likely to allow mould to grow. It’s the polymers that hold onto the chemicals that may or may not be problematic for some of us. This is when the outgassing occurs.

      I will look into ecocolour paints. Mayne feature them on my blog if they work, thanks xoxo


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