Even Research Scientist, Dr Geoffrey Evens Suffers with MCS-like Symptoms with New Cars

Someone once dropped in a comment about how if the President of the USA got Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) how life would begin to change quickly for people who suffer with conditions related to chemical sensitivity, particularly, MCS. More and more people are becoming sensitive to chemicals all the time, and now, the Metro reports that retired laboratory Research Scientist, Dr Geoffrey Evens suffered chemical sensitivity after buying a new Audi A1:

“Dr Geoffrey Evans, 64, gets a ‘stinging, burning sensation’ across his entire body every time he takes his £18,000 Audi A1 for a drive.

Dr Evans, who has a PHD in combustion chemistry, reckons the reaction is caused by the Formaldehyde found in the car’s upholstery and plastics which is the catalyst.

He claims he was initially told by an Audi salesman that their cars did not contain the chemical… “

Is there a car company who makes cars safer for people sensitive to chemicals or chemically injured?

Have you too had symptoms from a new car? When you complained about it, did they look into it, recall all models, fixing the issue so others don’t get sick also? Probably not… But Dr Evans going to the media about this issue could just be the wake up call the car industry needs! Good on you, Dr Evans!

“Speaking about the huge problem and risk to his health, he said: ‘Obviously, it is a nightmare. It’s not the best thing to come of buying a new car because I can’t use it that much.

‘It’s bringing out all kinds of rashes which start burning at first, then the red spots appear.

‘It has also made me have to bathe my eyelids twice a day to get rid of the terrible redness it gives my skin.

‘I believe this allergy all started when I was handling chemicals on a daily basis working as a Research Chemist in the lab.

The story is a familiar one, isn’t it? One big, or several smaller chemical exposures, and Bam! your immune system is under attack:

‘You body is sometimes aware of the allergies and they can remain in your body. But it does not necessarily react with you straight away – only when you get run down.’

As soon as he bought his flash new vehicle in December, the retired research scientist said: ‘I got chronic eczema on my legs and it just sets off go red and burning when I get to it.

Dr Evans, of Barnsley, South Yorks., says he is waiting to hear back from the Audi dealership to see if they can do to ease his plight.

He said that Audi have since confirmed they do have small amounts of the chemical in the plastics of their car.

He previously had a Rover 211 and had no problems until he decided on a new Audi A1 1.4 TFSI sportback.

Evans also suffers similar symptoms to those bought on by driving his car as to those he gets using household cleaning products. It would seem, with safer chemical standards bought in by REACH in Europe along with their stricter (than Australian and US) safety standards, that a car made in Europe would be a safer bet. Apparently not in this case!

Have you had better luck with a European car than one made in China, the US or Australia? Do you think it matters where the car is made for it to be a healthier consumer choice? Do you know of a company who makes safer cars suitable for people with chemical injuries, or sensitivities to chemical irritants? 

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  1. Great to see this in the news. Been struggling with new cars for ages now.

  2. Good to see/hear that there will be more recognition…no-one can really ever escape from the nasty chemicals.

    • Michellina van Loder says:

      Yes, happy this scientist is speaking up about it. When I buy a product that’s has a heap of chemical irritants stinging my airways, I hate to complain but, alas, someone has to!


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