Exercise Anyway You Can

For people who suffer with chronic illness or are housebound due to practising avoidance of chemicals as part of their treatment, it’s important to get some form or regular exercise. The following clip reminds me that it doesn’t matter how you get it or what you do to get it just so long as you get some. (For some of us, exercise is like medicine that just makes the day better.)

This is Joanna Rohrback from Prancersise ‘prancing’, which is just prancing crossed with dancing, around a paddock with a couple of horses. (Cause come on, we all know we want to have a try at this!)

Enjoy :)

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Or check out this book:

Prancercise®: The Art of Physical and Spiritual Excellence, is a whole new way of thinking and approaching fitness. To be really fit we need to consider more than just ourselves; we need to also consider the conservation of the environment (as through vegetarianism), and non-violence, through our thought process and behavior. This book is a true literary resource well researched and documented, not just propaganda. It’s a recipe for fitness, health, and self-fulfillment!

I’m not immune to rocking it out around the house myself just to get my exercise in. Ergo, give me a paddock and a couple of horses and I’ll be off like Joanna for sure.

How about you? Did you manage to get your exercise in today?


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  1. If laughter is the best medicine, thanks for the dose 😉

    • Michellina van Loder says:

      It makes me so happy when I can make someone smile. I often sit there laughing when doing a post like that; the fact that you laugh confirms I’m not mad and this really is funny :) Enjoy your doses!

  2. Regular exercise is necessary to rid of toxins in the body by stimulating blood flow from heart through liver, kidney, thyroid, other organs and sweat through the skin etc. My advocating with and for safe fitness facilities has helped me and others. We have city run facilities that have fragrance free guidelines and…safe cleaning products in the works! ))

  3. Laying here in bed after a massive flare and thinking what the hell am i going to do after several months doing almost nothing. Air quality in California is abysmal thanks to over 20 fires, many nearby. i cannot even see the sky … ah well, thanks for the info, i’d prefer to be ON the horse but maybe i’ll prance around for a minute or three. 😉

    Have you heard about Mast Cell Activation Disorder being a possible cause of MCS? It is in my case and researchers are looking into whether it is in many cases of MCS, fibro, CFS/ME, etc. Hoping for more answers soon…. right now for me, it’s preventing more degradation of my mast cells… not easy!

    be well, my friend.

    • Michellina van Loder says:

      Hey! How are you? Obviously not to well if laying in bed after the flare, hey?! I’d like to see you on the horse. I bet you would get the horse prancing.

      I’ve heard of the Mast Cell but not yet researched it. Need it in simple terms cause my head is not the clearest. But it keeps popping up on my radar. Did you have a test?

      I’ve just found out I have both MTHFR gene mutations, but only one of each. So that’s good info to have. I’ve lost a lot of tolerance to my safe foods and can’t seem to recover from the exposures so I am prepared to look at anything that’s science based. I hope you can do something to stop the degradation of the mast cells. You be well too, friend, xo. And your dog, Bella, say hello from me and my Bella xoxo Ciao

    • Michellina van Loder says:

      So now you have me reaserching, and checking my gene profile with Genetic Genie and I find that i have the hetro mutation MAO A R297R, which is interesting to say the least. Do you think an immunologist would know about this? I can’t afford to see anymore fancy doctors. I just ask Google and listen to friends like you. Thank you again, this is what I’ve been reading just now: http://moldillnesscureproject.weebly.com/mao-a.html

  4. beautiful
    I don’t have access to horses to prance with, however I practice Qi Chong and a light (very light) aerobics and yoga stretching regimine daily. and do some walking around my yard and gardening, etc
    it is very important to keep moving even if home bound (I am not but I do take many days off from the outside world due to toxins and other issues)

    • Michellina van Loder says:

      Awesome! I’ll have to look into Qi Chong as I’ve not heard of it before. I’m glad you get some exercise, it’s so important. :)

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