MCS Doctor Visit: Medical Resources for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity & Mold Allergies

While researching for an article on Gupta and Hamster Brain Re-training, I came across this YouTube clip, ‘MCS Doctor Visit! (1) (Medical Resources for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity & Mold Allergies)’ by Tasha Lee. I love that she’s sharing information from her visit to the doctor with a bunch of strangers on the net. She’s beautiful, and obviously knows there are people who perhaps can’t afford a doctor’s visit, and could benefit in the sharing of the outcome of hers. (I’ve noticed around 25 personal blogs and sites pop up in the last 12 months; however, even some YouTube clips. (This could mean that more people are becoming sensitive to chemicals or it could just mean more people are willing to talk about it on the internet.) I like the personal elements relating to recovery that we share: what works; what doesn’t. Our humour. Information on doctors, research, news, articles. There’s so much we can put out there that could potentially help others. It’s awesome!)

Meet Tasha Lee:

Vitamin D, and Zinc are definitely supplements people like us may need. Without vitamin D, anyone who has an illness or weakened immune system will find it difficult to recover.

Part II of Tasha’s vlog about her doctor’s visit:

I wonder how many people, besides me, sit around on the days they are not well just googling ‘MCS’, ‘Symptoms of chemical sensitivity’, ‘cure for chemical sensitivity’, ‘help for chemical sensitivity’. I’ve done a lot of that. And the answers were not always helpful. And sometimes, they were damn right depressing. One of the most helpful blogs I found was Kathryn Treat’s, Allergictolifemybattle, what’s helpul about her site, and something I cherish, is that she shared what worked for her. And that’s precious information for a sick person to come across. It holds hope. And when we share hope, that is a beautiful act of courage. So, yeah, I’m finding Tasha Lee beautiful right now.

(Other exceedingly helpful elements in my life right now are Dr Grace Ziem’s Neural Protocol (which is what I am doing at the moment), and taking Glutathione.)

In the vlog, below, Tasha shares reflections on the “Quality of Life that I’ve had in recent days”. :) Tasha is living in her truck next to the fresh sea air in Florida. I’ve been watching her vlogs for a while, now. I’ve seen her living in a mouldy home, and now living in fresh air near the sea. She obviously knows what’s best for her body, and she’s giving it just that!

More from Tasha

Fruitful Healthy Living:
Fruitarian Diabetic:

If you would like to help support Tasha in living a healthful lifestyle, or you’d like to get help living a healthful lifestyle yourself, you can buy her book Healing Diabetes with Fruit: Ex-Type 2s on a Fruit-Based Diet



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  1. That is brave of Tasha to share information like that in videos for people. Great that you spotlighted her here!

    • Michellina van Loder says:

      Thanks, Christy. I’m going to put some more videos of her up soon. She’s so inspiring!

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