Disabled Arizonian Affected By Chemical Exposure

This article starts out with, Some people say Mario Casella is nuts.’ It then goes on to describe symptoms many people whom I know live with daily. People need to let go of the ‘crazy’ tag that’s (sometimes) attached to chemical sensitivity. It’s not helpful and we mustn’t say it about ourselves or others in regards to a physical illness.

More from Rocklin and Roseville Today:

‘In 2008, then muscular, 220-pound Casella was a Southern California sports bar bouncer when becoming repeatedly exposed to bleach in the bar’s bathroom. In this column in 2013, he said about that exposure, “When breathing even a little bit, I’d get the most horrible, aching, burning feeling in my liver. Then I began feeling physically ill (overall) around chlorine, perfumes, cologne, car exhaust, and cigarette smoke. Then it got worse.”‘

It’s a reality I, personally, know well. My network of chemically sensitive individuals extends across the globe; and I’m no longer surprised when I hear a story like this. Although, I’m surprised when I hear about a community thinking someone is crazy because they suffer symptoms bought on by exposure to chemicals. No one would choose to live like this:

Castella sleeps in a sleeping bag under an outdoor veranda:

‘Currently, he misses his old life every day. In a recent telephone interview, now 40-year-old Casella said, “I’m living in Patagonia, Arizona, where a lot of (environmentally affected) people come to get well. The environment is good here. We have the cleanest air in the country. They don’t spread pesticides. Right now, I’m living at a guy’s house that (was built) free of chemicals.”‘

So while the corporations who make products from chemicals not tested for human safety test them on us humans, we, as a community, are going to sit around and take pot shots at one another, labelling ourselves and/or each other nuts? Well, I for one, refuse to play!

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How about you? Do you think it’s fair to tag MCS with the crazy tag?

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  1. Nobody “Says I’m nuts!” I made the mistake of saying doctors think “We” are probably nuts because they do not recognize or understand MCS. My liver is my target organ. Every reaction I have to the environment/food hits my liver very hard. I have “Non alcoholic fatty liver disease” and I believe it has advanced to end stage liver disease “cirrhosis.” I have to have a liver biopsy to confirm/stage extent of damage/disease. I can no longer eat enough food to sustain life and doctors will not believe or even hear what I have to say! Same thing happened to me last year until I couldn’t walk or even move at 96lbs on life support. Somehow I slowly became able to eat again and my MCS greatly improved for a brief period. My liver took a dump a year later to the day and everything is happening all over again. I can eat only vegetables no fat, oils, meat, sugar, pasta, grains, beans etc. I am starving to death again. I might not make it to my next appointment in a month. Also mentioning “remaining as calm as possible helps a great deal” may have been a mistake also.

    • Michellina van Loder says:

      Hi Mario, sorry, I can amend that if you prefer? Yes, you are right, many in the medical establishment don’t understand but we are lucky that more and more physicians are making the time to grapple with this condition we suffer with everyday. It’s possibly best to only see doctors who’ve ben recommended by others with similar health issues. I’m sorry you are at the stage you are at. If there is anything I can do, let me know. Contact me via my contact page if you would like to do an interview with me; or publish your own story in your own words (happy to edit it, or even write it for you if needed). Or, if you’d like a chat, we could Skype, Perhaps? I saw that you found a safe place to live in among communities who have this? I’m very interested in that aspect. As for ‘us’ being nuts, the doctors who say that live in pharmaceutical companies’ pockets, surely? Grace Ziem, Dr Rea, and many others are supportive of us. I think that if we look to each other and talk about those in the medical community who are helpful and those who are not we can create pathways to help for one another. Don’t worry, (as a friend recently said to me) someone like Oprah will get this illness soon, and then everyone will bend over backwards to see if their own trouser butts have fragrance contaminates on them before they sit down near us :) Seriously, you are to be commended for sharing your own adversities and experience. I’m sure there are many who have read of your plight and changed their attitude towards the use of harmful chemicals.

      • Thank you for this article Michelin a Van Lower ? It is fine and does not need to be changed. I’m very glad you wrote it. Sorry for the late reply lol…My life has been a Rollercoaster. I had my liver biopsy that showed a normal healthy liver- no fatty liver anymore or anything! It’s Environmental Illness, nothing more. Daniel J Vance who wrote this story is a wonderful guy who meant no harm whatsoever. He has a Facebook page Disabilities By Daniel J Vance where my story can be found along with a few pictures- the first 2 on the page.

        • Michellina van Loder says:

          Hey, Mario. So good to know. Thank you so much for sharing. If you ever need a hand or would like me to publish something, just sing out :) Daniel J Vance sounds awesome. Will check it out. I’m glad to have found some success with your illness; it can be a worrisome, rocky road to travel.

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