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Diet Review 2016  (In 2015 a reader asked me to post a particular page after my last post so here they are.): You can read the post ‘Torture and Freedom’ from when I was first struggling with digesting my food, chronic indigestion, stomach aches, rashes, swollen lips and all that. I wish I knew then:

Keep it basic; keep food simple.

Rob Loblay once said something about chemical sensitivities being all diet related. In the aspect of the elimination of food intolerances, he’s right–in my case. But the list of foods I’ve become intolerant to has grown since I lost my health while living in that mouldy house in 2012. Apart from an egg allergy aged 12, and the chemical sensitivities diagnosed as inhalant allergies to solvents and mould since 2003, I never had food issues until I starting losing tolerance to chemicals again in 2012.

The following 13 page food sensitivities record, below in Google Docs, is the map I used to get my diet to suit my food personal food intolerances. A proper elimination diet should only be done under the care of a doctor. I could not have done otherwise because I didn’t have a bloody clue.

For people reading quickly and for health reasons only, the last page is of paramount importance. Go back to basics (ignore the coffee part, I did–no, not for the elimination diet!) and use sweet potato for your sauce bases. I did and still do.

Thankfully, my diet is back on track and I can make varied choices about what I eat again.

However, it’s still pretty basic compared to most standards.

I can use maple syrup if I keep it in the fridge (mould), honey (it’s beegan!), just about any fruit so long as it’s fresh. I have brown rice in my diet; the first grain I’ve been able to digest in 4 years. I’m in a happy place, food wise. (Grrr… except for the pesky the mould/mildew issue on food if not fresh or if it’s allowed to sweat in plastic bags.)

Coffee is bought freshly ground from our organic shop. I can tell you all a little story about coffee blends and freshness another time, but know for now, coffee is back on the menu.

Dulce flakes are being swapped for salt purely as a health choice.

I eat a lot of fruit and cooked veggies and sometimes cook my fruit.

And I don’t not eat any meat out of ethical choice, not dietary. (Note: I added a ‘Vegan’ Column to the diet sheet: so I could explain the exclusion of those groups of meat, fish, chicken, crustaceans. Note in the end of my struggle to eat meat, I could have pork and oysters without getting ill. Never liked pork; the animal itself was lovely though.)


I’m actually not vegan; I’m began! I’ve not been eating animals for two years but only one of them was consciously, the other was because of digestion issues: I was and accidental vegan first!


Download (PDF, 16.11MB)


How’s your diet going? Any tips you’d like to share?

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