Coffee: Slumming it in the West

Slumming It in the West ~ drinking instant coffee while wearing uggboots


The morning coffee ritual is not actually a ritual, it’s a prerequisite to start the day! With my boxer dog, Bella, at the end of my bed, still keeping my feet warm, the thought of drinking coffee and reading the morning news (The Age) in bed, via my iPad, is the only thing dragging me out from slumber and a warm cocoon of flannelette and duck feathers.

A snugly screaming-bright fuscia dressing gown and a pair of chestnut coloured Oz Lamb Wedge Ugg Boots wait at the end of the bed, merging into a warm chariot, valiantly delivering their passenger into the cold western suburb’s kitchen, where a jar of instant coffee awaits.

But this is not just any coffee: it’s certified organic, ethically sourced, fair-trade coffee from Brazil! And… it’s instant. The brand? Nature’s Cuppa Rainforest Coffee. Forget the connotations associated with traditional instant coffee: stale old Nescafe, or the foul powder plopped out from one of those public coffee machines, or even the over-priced-chemically-adulterated ‘Moccona’. Seriously, this Nature’s Cuppa stuff is like cocaine or cigarettes for the faint hearted, or anyone with an immune disorder, or just for those who find barista made coffee to be like having a rocket shoved up their arse–first thing in the morning.

Kettle boils. Hello Kitty cup awaits: As the steaming water hits the freeze dried granules—made from 100% Arabica beans—the mouth-watering aroma fills the room, and just from inhaling that heavenly odour, my grouchy mood moves out past the peripheral of my morning.

The cogs, in my brain now fired up, I curl back up into bed with The Age on my iPad and read about bogans and their pride. The dog farts. Admonished for being so canine and bad mannered, she scampers away, scowling guiltily.

Even though, compared to the rest of Melbourne, I’m slumming it in my morning coffee ritual, I sit back, snug and smug in my ugg-boots and my satisfaction over the fact that I’m supporting organic farming, the environment, sustainability, birds and wildlife, while assisting isolated, rural communities.

More Reasons to be Smug:

Good for the environment

Organic systems aim to reduce dependence on non-renewable resources. Organic production aims at all times towards sustainability whilst having best management of the environment and wildlife as a priority.

No synthetic chemicals

Organic systems prohibit the use of artificial chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers.

Besides, those benefits, there are no GMOs (which are a big no no in the production of organic products); plus organic growing methods such as crop rotation, and the modern, scientific nature of understanding the ecology of the soil, enable farmers’ to control pests and weeds without resorting to harmful methods.

Nature’s Cuppa can be bought wholesale and in bulk, directly at the factory where it is produced! Or online, here. (No fragrance supermarket chemicals on these jars!)

(So, no more getting gassed by fragrance chemicals coming from the cleaning aisle at COLES or SAFEWAY!)


EatRite Australasia

52-54 Export Drive,


Victoria 3012



Nature's Cuppa

Nature’s Cuppa Organic Instant Coffee



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  1. PS
    I love that photo of you!

  2. You have given me a great idea! Thank you Miche!
    I have recently begun to crave decaf for the 1st time in my life! I used to think this was such a silly thing, that there are so many alternatives to coffee that are naturally caffeine free, but now I find myself craving the taste of coffee but so late in the day that I wouldn’t be able to sleep, yet still not so often as to buy a bag of beans, which would just go stale…
    But instant, now there;s an idea!
    I can look for fair trade organic instant decaf that would last as long as it took me to finish the jar!


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