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One of the questions I get asked a lot by people who are not sensitive to chemicals is: [eyebrows raised] [voice high-pitched with panic] “How do you clean your home? Well, the answer is, I use Sabco cleaning cloths and kits, they have special cloths for glass areas, drying surfaces, and even dust magnet mitts; a Dyson handheld vacuum, for the car and tiny clean ups; a Dyson Barrel Vacuum, the Animal one (I’ll blog more about this later); Herbon Fragrance Free Dishwashing Liquid, which I use to wash the car, the floors, anything that needs hot soapy water, and yes, even the dog; Herbon Fragrance Free Surface Spray, which contains Ethanol, therefore, it’s used sparingly, but if I need to give an area a good clean, that’s what I (or whichever people I rope in to do it for me) use (when I recovered a while back, it wasn’t a problem but last year when my health crashed, using it caused hell on my sinuses, but hey, if a woman needs to clean, whack on a mask, get out the gloves and get to it, I always say!); zeolite powder and granules, used to absorb chemical vapours and odours outgassing from various areas; vinegar, an all round disinfectant, anti-mould deterrent and toilet cleaner (it’s relatively cheap; we go through a couple of litres a week, in between the cleaning and clothes washing–makes a great fabric softener too) and of course, good ol’ bicarbonate of soda, which we use for everything!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this fantastic article <3

    ~ Harefield Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

  2. Cleaning house with natural cleaners is easier and they don’t stink. I don’t have to wonder what cleaner to use in different areas – my homemade cleaner disinfects as well as shines a mirror.

  3. Good to know! Going natural for cleaning is inexpensive and good for the environment.

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