The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell

The Power of MythThe Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell

After reading Joseph Campbell’s work The Power of Myth and The Hero’s Journey, I’m now noticing the symbols of mythology and legends in nearly every movie I see and every book I read; even in the non-fiction, true articles of my favourite newspaper, ‘The Age‘, they are there. I can’t believe how Campbell’s philosophies touch on everything we believe about our earth, religion, marriage, births—absolutely everything!

Using the example of religion and the stories of the bible, Campbell’s explanations show aspects for what they really are: the Garden of Eden is a metaphor for innocence that is the innocence of time, innocent of opposites, being that where consciousness becomes aware of changes.

The analogy of people believing the bible stories to be true—not as metaphors—’is like going to a restaurant and eating the menu instead of the food’ is priceless!

If you’ve ever craved a deeper meaning about life on our planet, where we came from, and what it all means, then this is the book for you… It radiates with epiphanies and revelations about life, love… even meditation. I can’t recommend this book highly enough. A must read! (And, an absolute essential for any Professional Writing and Editing student. My heartfelt thanks go out to the teacher who turned me onto this book.)

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