Sandy Hook Primary School Tragedy

I could not believe the news this morning, and I can’t believe someone could do this to children–or anyone. My prayers and thoughts go out to anyone who has been hurt spiritually or physically by this senseless act. We need to watch out for each other in this world. I wish there were no guns…

Jamila Rizi from Autralia’s Mamamia had this to say to President Obama:

“When asked about the possibility of gun ownership reform this morning, your press secretary said: “There is, I am sure, will be, rather, a day for discussion of the usual Washington policy debates, but I do not think today is that day.”

Respectfully Mr President, that is wrong. Today is EXACTLY the right day to be talking about gun control.

Why? Because those who died today didn’t give their lives for anything, Mr President.

They had their lives taken from them.

They didn’t choose to die. They didn’t walk boldly into harms way for some great cause, to defend their country, to fight for a better life, to free others from oppression.

When you’re five-years-old you and you haven’t even had the chance to ask a grown up what ‘death’ means yet, you can’t give your life for anything. When you haven’t heard of the 2nd amendment and you don’t know about the so-called ‘right’ to bear arms and you don’t realise that ‘rights’ even exist… you can’t give your life for anything.

When yours is a world where mum, dad and teacher’s word is law and where the best thing that can happen is the sound of a Mr Whippy van playing Greensleeves and the worst, is tripping in the playground and scraping your knee… you can’t give your life for anything.

When you’re only five-years-old, like some of the children whose lives were brutally cut short today, you’re not cognitively capable of knowing whether or not you would want your death to be used as impetus for change or reform.

So you, Mr President, have to do that for them.”

We don’t have the right to bare arms in Australia. Sure, sometimes we have criminals do insane stuff on the streets with them, usually to each other; and we’ve had crazy gun men commit massacres, but we have gun control, so this is much less than if we didn’t have that. And I know that the US and Australia are two different countries with different views and different laws, but our children are the same. The way a parent loves a child is the exactly the same. I wish this didn’t happen today, or any day. I wish those children did not loose their lives, and I wish the parents could have their dear little ones back. I wish… I wish there were no guns.

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  1. Michellina, unfortunately, I found the Independent article to be exaggerated. I can’t find a safe place at all where I live (I live in the U.S.). Even the hospitals and doctors offices are loaded with fragrances. While there are a few places in this country that have gone scent-free, they are few and far between.

  2. It is a tragedy – and I was also sickened by the newz. It took me back to our own tragedy in Tasmania and the Port Arthur Massacre. It is time for gun reform and I know a lot of people will disagree with me on that but IMHO guns were only made for one thing… :(

  3. I grew up with guns–& I was at the age of something like 8 years old when I had my first gun!! I was taught by my brothers & Dad to respect guns– & how to use them & how to clean them– BUT most of all respect them— I’ll fight here in the USA to keep my guns!!!!!!!!!!

    • Michellina Van Loder says:

      Yes, that’s amazing that you had guns at the age of 8, that would never happen here, and I can’t imagine what that would be like. However, I can see the value in your family teaching you to respect them. Have you seen this article: Bring your guns but leave your perfume at home I think it sums up the way things are there.

      • Good article –but I have to agree with one of the comments by Betty Kreeger:
        “This headline is take you can a gun to an office or
        elsewhere in most places that is not true and a stupid comparison. The
        only people I know of who can take a gun to an office is a police
        officer. Even if you could, guns don’t invade the personal space and
        respiratory systems of others around as you waft through the hallways
        leaving a toxic trail behind. Very serious health issues result and not
        just merely sneezing.

        And NO it is NOT only the cheap perfumes. ALL perfume are made with
        dozens and even hundreds of petrochemicals forming their own toxic
        poison, however sweet smelling they may be to some. ”
        (I think Betty pretty much sumes it up!!!!! ) :)
        in my blog today i wrote about growing up with guns
        Thanks for sharing the article!!!!!!


  1. growing pains

    Sandy Hook Primary School Tragedy

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