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Exercise Anyway You Can

For people who suffer with chronic illness or are housebound due to practising avoidance of chemicals as part of their treatment, it's important to get some form or regular … Continue reading


The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect: Finding Sanctuary in Butterfly Town, USA, By Jennifer Lunden was a piece of creative nonfiction that I chose to present to my Creative Nonfiction class … Continue reading

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Bras for Chemically Sensitive People

This post, on bras for people who're sensitive to chemicals, starts with conventional bras through to organic. I've yet to find an organic bra that I'm comfortable wearing … Continue reading


Cassandras Rather than Canaries

As a metaphor explaining the far-reaching consequences for those of us with environmental health conditions, the Canary in the Coal Mine works: Miners used to take caged … Continue reading

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The History of Chemical Sensitivity

Another wonderful lecture by Dr William Rea from the Environmental Health Centre in Dallas, bought to you from Breakspear Medical. This time, it's on the history of chemical … Continue reading


STOP WOOD-SMOKE: Draft Letter You Can Use

A draft letter to stop wood-smoke from new wood-burning heaters from the good, hardworking people over at Air Quality Australia:   Please tell Environment Ministers … Continue reading


Lisa Neville: Please Help Stop Wood-smoke Impacting on My Already Inflamed Airways

Dear, Lisa Neville, Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water Each winter, my health is impacted on by my neighbours' wood-smoke from their wood heaters. Not only … Continue reading


Help: (3 Days left) to Stop New Wood Heaters Emitting More Pollution

I recently signed this petition: Stop new wood heaters emitting more pollution in a few hours than the average car in an entire year. It was put together by the good, … Continue reading


How the Mask Can Hinder

Back before I had an 'Access Plan' (called a Disability Plan, in other countries perhaps? Oh wait, is it only Victoria University (VU) who're up to speed on this?) created for … Continue reading


How to Begin Building a House… with Ganesha

We bought our block, out on the Surf Coast of Victoria, Australia, back in 2011. In 2012 we engaged the services of EcoDesigner and Draftsperson, Quin Wyatt, hoping he … Continue reading


Choose Friendships Over Fragrances

Often, asking someone to forgo using his or her fragrance products (such as perfume, aftershave, washing powder, or hairspray) can be awkward. You just don't know how that person will react. I've had all sorts of responses, from kind acceptance of my request, to utter outrage—stemming from their … [Read more]


Bras for Chemically Sensitive People

This post, on bras for people who're sensitive to chemicals, starts with conventional bras through to organic. I've yet to find an organic bra that I'm comfortable wearing everyday; so it's been a matter of them being non-chemically odorous, bright in colour, pretty, durable and supportive, and in that order, to fit my taste. As soon as I find a bra that fits this criteria I … [Read More]


What it’s Like to Wear a Mask, Part II (9.2 years later)

There are some people who need to wear a mask over their face to help them try to avoid symptoms bought on by breathing in allergens they are allergic to. There are other people who do the same because they have become sensitised to some/or all of the chemical ingredients in fragrances. And, more controversially so, there are people who wear one because they have become … [Read More...]

Organic Kale

The Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen

Source: theage.com.au via The-Labyrinth on Pinterest   Is eating organic foods better for you than eating conventional? That's what 16 year-old science student, Ria Chhabra, asked herself when she decided to find out if eating organic really was more beneficial to our health. How did she do this? She used fruit flies, which have 75% of the genes that cause disease … [Read More...]



Cash for Containers

Our marine life is being choked to death at an alarming pace. How is this happening? Via plastic pollution including bottles and lids from soft drinks that end up in our pristine oceans. We won't be bystanders to anymore … [Read More...]

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