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Even Research Scientist, Dr Geoffrey Evens Suffers with MCS-like Symptoms with New Cars

Someone once dropped in a comment about how if the President of the USA got Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) how life would begin to change quickly for people who suffer … Continue reading

Safer cars for people with health conditions impacted on by chemical sensitivities to chemical irritants.

Diet Review

Diet Review 2016  (In 2015 a reader asked me to post a particular page after my last post so here they are.): You can read the post 'Torture and Freedom' from when I was first … Continue reading


Interferon Psalms by Luke Davies

Interferon Psalms by Luke Davies My rating: 5 of 5 stars Interferon Psalms Luke Davies is an Australian contemporary poet, acclaimed novelist and screenplay writer. … Continue reading


Interview: Part II, ‘New Beginnings—No Turning Back’

Interview with Author of Allergic to Life: My Battle for Courage, Survival and Hope, Kathryn Treat Firstly, for readers who don't know of the author Kathryn Treat, she wrote … Continue reading


Kathryn Treat Tribute: #pour1out4MCS Video

Up on my blog, I now have part II of ‘New Beginnings—No Turning Back’, with Author of Allergic to Life: My Battle for Courage, Survival and Hope, Kathryn Treat up on my blog. … Continue reading

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Fragrance Free School Policies

As most of my readers know, I completed my Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing at Victoria University (VU) in 2014. (I'm going back in 2017 to begin the … Continue reading


Now, Imagine How This Feels…

(This is a repost from 3 December 2013) Imagine that it’s Tuesday, the one day a week where I am lucky enough to attend an Advanced Nonfiction class at Victoria University … Continue reading

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Amelia Hill: How to Send a Blood Test Overseas

There's some delightfully helpful information by Australia's own, the Amazing Amelia Hill, over at the website Amelia Hill.  It details exactly how to go about getting a … Continue reading


ASEHA: Template Letter for Low-Allergy Housing (QLD)

From ASEHA (Allergy, Sensitivity & Environmental Health Association Qld Inc) Template Letter for Applying  for Low-Allergy in Queensland, Australia  Letter for Doctors … Continue reading


Featured Books

Allergic to Life

Allergic to Life: My Battle for Survival, Courage, and Hope by Kathryn Chastain Treat My rating: 5 of 5 stars Not only is Allergic to Life: My Battle for Survival, Courage, and Hope a wonderful resource and reference … [Read More...]

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MCS Deniers

MCS Denier: EPIC Take-down #1

Herman Staudenmayer: The erroneous presumptions in his research undertaking that anti-MCS propagandists waved like a national flag. Whenever you scald your tongue on hot tea, your tongue will still feel the scalding … [Read More...]

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MCS Life Hacks

How to Seal a Whole House with Foil

My last post was about The Many Varied and Delightful Uses for Foil. One of the listicle points was about sealing the floor and fittings with aluminium foil to make the place liveable. For example: The sea-side rental … [Read More...]

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Latest Research on MCS/ES

Pubmed: Reliable biomarkers for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Electrohypersensitivity

From Pubmed: Reliable disease biomarkers characterizing and identifying electrohypersensitivity and multiple chemical sensitivity as two etiopathogenic aspects of a unique pathological disorder. Belpomme D, Campagnac … [Read More...]

More Research on Chemical Sensitivity

Choose Friendships Over Fragrances

Often, asking someone to forgo using his or her fragrance products (such as perfume, aftershave, washing powder, or hairspray) can be awkward. You just don't know how that person will react. I've had all sorts of responses, from kind acceptance of my request, to utter outrage—stemming from their … [Read more]

Bras for Chemically Sensitive People

This post, on bras for people who're sensitive to chemicals, starts with conventional bras through to organic. I've yet to find an organic bra that I'm comfortable wearing everyday; so it's been a matter of them being non-chemically odorous, bright in colour, pretty, durable and supportive, and in that order, to fit my taste. As soon as I find a bra that fits this criteria I … [Read More]

What it’s Like to Wear a Mask, Part II (9.2 years later)

There are some people who need to wear a mask over their face to help them try to avoid symptoms bought on by breathing in allergens they are allergic to. There are other people who do the same because they have become sensitised to some/or all of the chemical ingredients in fragrances. And, more controversially so, there are people who wear one because they have become … [Read More...]

Chocolate-Free Chocolate

I've been busy working on a cookbook for the last year. It started out as a paleo collection of recipes that I've now modified into a vegan collection instead [read: she took out the honey!]. The latest addition are chocolates that don't contain any cocoa or cacoa. Instead they are created from dried coconut, coconut sugar, vanilla, sea-salt and either carob or freeze-dried … [Read More...]


Energy [R]evolution 2015

Another excellent ISSUU publication bought to us by Greenpeace International. This time it's a report researched and published by Greenpeace in collaboration with the scientific community, in particular the German … [Read More...]

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