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Radiant Heat Fights Allergies with Hydrotherm Hydronic Heating (Part I)

The Build And Eco-Friendly, Allergy-Free House (BEAH) project had stage 1, the 'fit out', installation for hydronic heating: 2 floors, one cottage done a while back. … Continue reading

Hydronic heating for allergies. MCS and mould illness

A Custom Hardwood House Frame by Calco

The choice for a house frame, breathing-wise, was slim: hardwood or steel. We chose hardwood because it's less volatile than pine, which has different terpenes. I will be … Continue reading

Calco Trusses and Timber

An Allergy-Free House Frame, Expertly Installed by Pristine Carpentry

Due to my personal symptoms with mould and terpenes, especially pine terpenes, we chose to have a hardwood frame. I know of other people who've built houses over 20 years ago … Continue reading


How Proclima, and Laros Fixed Our Slab/Frame Overhang

The Slab Overhang Issue How did this happen? Is slab overhang a common happening? How do you avoid a mess like this? Well, the Surveyor, contracted out by the builders, came … Continue reading

Laros Technologies: Building envelope solutions

McMansions for People with MCS and CIRS

Why is this house taking so long? It's taking us a an extended amount of time, more than 12 months now, to build our Allergy-free House. A good friend who built their own … Continue reading

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 3.47.10 pm

Tiny House #1

Two Tiny House Videos After making it to the half way point of a moderately sized house, tiny houses are beginning to look good right about now. All that space for fruit … Continue reading


An Allergy-Free, Eco-Friendly Kitchen ~ uPVC Board

uPVC Polymer Board Due to my sensitivities to terpenes, as tested and diagnosed by my Allergist and Immunologist, Dr Colin Little, I think we will be using uPVC (or PVCu if … Continue reading


The Letter from my Treating Allergist and Immunologist in Regards to Building a Safe Home

This is a copy of my doctor's letter written specifically for my situation so that I can get help from tradespeople and product manufactures while building a home safe enough … Continue reading


Virtual Eco-House Tour

All readers, welcome to our home: My safe, allergy-free and eco-friendly home. Ready for the tour we promised? Take your shoes off. Only socks or Japanese slippers … Continue reading

A sun study of an eco-freindl y house. It shows sunlight splashed across the room in June, which is winter in Australia

The Kitchen Series: An Allergy-Free, Eco-Friendly Kitchen

This is the first post in ‘An Allergy-Free, Eco-Friendly Kitchen’ series. And to save you reading it all at once, I’ve broken up this one long post into handy bit-sized … Continue reading

Polyvor Aluminium and Glass Doors

How to Avoid Slab Moisture Ingress

Slab moisture ingress can cause indoor mould growth because it not only adds moisture and humidity to the indoor air environment but it can also cause the house to act as a … Continue reading


KLM Plumbing

Meet Kale, our plumber for the project Build an Eco-Friendly, Allergy-free House. Kale has his own business, KLM Plumbing, based in the Bellarine/Surf Coast region of … Continue reading


Building Products/Tradespeople Reviews

Hey there! Just a short post to let you know that all the services and building products I use that work out for me and don't impact on my health will be reviewed on this … Continue reading


FireCrunch: Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Board

MgO Board in Place of Particle/Chipboard Walling and Flooring (Post updated:  6 January 2017: Modakboard is now known as FireCrunch!) (Post updated: 12 February 2017 to … Continue reading

Our Modakboard samples

I’m Not a Hippy But… I’ve got a composting toilet!

Because my boyfriend and I are in the process of building an eco-friendly, allergy-free house (aka Freedom), with people working on site and all, we realised we needed a … Continue reading


How to Begin Building a House… with Ganesha

We bought our block, out on the Surf Coast of Victoria, Australia, back in 2011. In 2012 we engaged the services of EcoDesigner and Draftsperson, Quin Wyatt, hoping he … Continue reading


Low Irritant Kitchens

An Allergy-Free, Eco-Friendly Kitchen ~ uPVC Board

uPVC Polymer Board Due to my sensitivities to terpenes, as tested and diagnosed by my Allergist and Immunologist, Dr Colin Little, I think we will be using uPVC (or PVCu if you're in Europe) board for the cabinets, not … [Read More...]

The Kitchen Series

More Houzz Brunswick Greenheat Panel Project: by Hydrotherm Hydronic Heating

A Yogic Life

Music: All is fair in love and war (Oriah original)

All is fair in love and war ~ an original Oriah song One of my favourite Yogis just took the brave step of following her dream; and she made a video encouraging others to follow there's. Here she is with the first … [Read More...]

More on Yoga and Exercise

Eco Cars

Cars in Australia and the US: Is the New Car Smell Bad for your Health?

Of course we all remember the article, a little while back now, about how: Dr Geoffrey Evens Suffers with MCS-like Symptoms with New Cars? Evens, the Research Scientist who bought a new car that set of his formaldehyde … Read More...

More on Cars and Health

Fragrance Chemicals

Choose Friendships Over Fragrances

Often, asking someone to forgo using his or her fragrance products (such as perfume, aftershave, washing powder, or hairspray) can be awkward. You just don't know how that person will react. I've had all sorts of responses, from kind acceptance of my request, to utter outrage—stemming from their … [Read more]

Which poison will change your life?

Today, I came across the book Which Poison Will Change Your Life by Glenna Chance. She's an illness activist who has written this book seeking to reverse society's toxic trends. Due to an illegal pesticide application in 1988, Chance was poisoned. At the time she was pursing a career in music; … [Read more]

A Short Story About Dirty Fucking Balls

In Melbourne's, the Age, newspaper, today, the article: Sexism Dovetails with Hypocrisy, by Nina Funnell and Dannielle Miller, attempts to shed light on more than just Unilever's moronic sexist advertising: "Remember that Dove campaign featuring women of all different shapes, colours and sizes … [Read more]

How to Outgas Toilet Paper

Toilet paper can be a massive pain in the butt sinuses! You see, there are toilet papers sold as hypoallergenic, fragrance free, and allergy free; then there are the unscented versions… Finding a brand that doesn’t have fragrance chemicals in it is a game of pin the tail on the donkey. Often, the … [Read more]

Bras for People Sensitive to Chemical-Irritants

Bras for Chemically Sensitive People

This post, on bras for people who're sensitive to chemicals, starts with conventional bras through to organic. I've yet to find an organic bra that I'm comfortable wearing everyday; so it's been a matter of them being non-chemically odorous, bright in colour, pretty, durable and supportive, and in that order, to fit my taste. As soon as I find a bra that fits this criteria I … [Read More]


What it’s Like to Wear a Mask, Part II (9.2 years later)

There are some people who need to wear a mask over their face to help them try to avoid symptoms bought on by breathing in allergens they are allergic to. There are other people who do the same because they have become sensitised to some/or all of the chemical ingredients in fragrances. And, more controversially so, there are people who wear one because they have become … [Read More...]

Take off your bra!

Okay, I'm having a terrible day, all because I drove my daughter to school this morning. (We usually leave at 8.00 am to avoid the traffic but today we were running late and left at 8.20 am, and had to crawl our way through the backstreets, and noxious traffic fumes that stung my eyes and nostrils like the fumes from caustic soda.) And now I'm sitting, writing this, with a … [Read More...]

A Masked Duality

Lately, I’ve been wearing the 9913, 3M Particulate Respirator Nuisance Level Organic Vapour Release (that’s the fancy name for this type of mask I use) everywhere I go. Everywhere. I. Go. If I don’t wear it, breathing in solvents, or petrochemical vapours can make me ill. For days… In a Zen-like way, the duality of life dictates to us all that there are good and bad elements … [Read More...]

Maskology: The Study of People Wearing Masks

Today, I'm excited to launch our very own MCS Labyrinth Pinterest Account: a collection of boards with images linking to all the diamonds and gems out there relating to sensitivities to chemicals, including support groups and organisations - sourced world-wide; gorgeous people wearing masks; and many more… (If you’re not familiar with it – Pinterest is a way for you to organise … [Read More...]


BOLD NATIVE: a film about Animal Liberation

Today, I'm sharing the fictional film 'Bold Native', a movie about Animal Liberation. If you enjoy watching this film, please click on the links below it to support the filmmaker so that more movies can be produced like this one. You can also visit The Vegan Revolution channel (where I found this movie) for more re-educational information on the plight of our animals, how we … [Read More...]

How Going Vegan Helped my Relationship with My SuperMan

(This post discusses adult topics and uses adult words written in an Australian vernacular.) I've spent 13 years, 14 this September, practicing the only known treatment for inhalant allergies to chemicals: avoidance behaviour. Due to digestion issues related to food intolerance that hit in 2002-3, at the age of 33 after years of normal chemical use, although I did love the … [Read More...]

How To Explain Why You’re Vegan

(Post updated: April 2017 to reflect new beliefs, improve grammar and clarity.) From: The Vegan Activist, comes one of the most helpful videos so far. I have issues with being vegan, well not with the practice of being a committed vegan, it's just(-ice) spend the-socially-interactive part of my life asking people to please not wear fragrance and sprays so I can access … [Read More...]

See the World Through Vegan Eyes

For those who are not vegan and like to send texts stating: 'Ethically Murdered Meat', where when we click on the link and it goes to an organic or, sorry, Biodynamic butcher shop. It's not funny. I care about these animals, greatly. Please respect the idea that some humans have woken up and are in touch with what is actually happening to living beings before you say dumb … [Read More...]


Détournement, Coca-Cola, Greenpeace and More Dead Birds on the Sand

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act ~ George Orwell In the book, Beautiful Trouble: A Cookbook for a Revolution, one tactic used to re-appropriate common cultural artefacts … [Read More...]

More on Greenpeace

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