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Masked Life Q&A: Relationships, Communication, and, How Does it Sound?

I'm sending this post out for all my MCS brothers and sisters who are strong enough to wear their respirator masks out in public so as to protect their health. Today, TashaLee … Continue reading

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Registration for Australians with Environmental Sensitivities

Today, I came across this data collection group for people with environmental sensitivities: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity prevalence rates in Australia Prevalence rates … Continue reading


Ohio Senator Skindell Testifies To Establish Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Awareness Month

Can anyone imagine South Australian Senator Penny Wong doing this for us? I can, so I thought I'd ask. Here is her contact page if you would like to join me in asking her to … Continue reading


Beginner Yoga Tutorial for a Sore Back

Today, Banana Blondie is going to give a yoga tutorial for sore backs: Just so you know, Banana Blondie (aka Michelle Muench) is a fruit-loving mum who is obsessed with … Continue reading


MCS Denier, EPIC Takedown #2: Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Formaldehyde

In the Year 2001, a retired psychiatrist who was never board certified in anything stated: "Today, I am the media." He repeatedly presented himself  as an expert in medicine, … Continue reading



Today is a wild, windy, rainy day in Melbourne, Australia. (At least us Aussies now know that our shitty weather is not caused by climate change; cause global warming is just … Continue reading


Camp NoStink

Welcome To Camp NoStink! Hi Kids! I bet you're really excited about going to Camp Nostink, but there are a few things you should know before you get on the bus. First of … Continue reading


Do It Yourself Air Filtering Mask

Do you have problems wearing the 3M masks? Does the fabric or the cost of the I Can Breathe masks rub you up the wrong way? Well, this could be the solution for you. Linda … Continue reading

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MCS Denier: EPIC Take-down #1

Herman Staudenmayer: The erroneous presumptions in his research undertaking that anti-MCS propagandists waved like a national flag. Whenever you scald your tongue on hot … Continue reading


Nebulising Glutathione

This photograph is the vitamin container I bought from iHerb (I absentmindedly bought two, which it, serendipitously, turns out I can now plan out two weeks supplements in a … Continue reading


Choose Friendships Over Fragrances

Often, asking someone to forgo using his or her fragrance products (such as perfume, aftershave, washing powder, or hairspray) can be awkward. You just don't know how that person will react. I've had all sorts of responses, from kind acceptance of my request, to utter outrage—stemming from their … [Read more]

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Organic Bras

The fabric used in the manufacture of organic bras is made up of non-toxic materials; usually it’s cotton or hemp. The elastic can be a problem for some people because it has petrochemicals in either the rubber (or spandex) of it. For others it is hardly noticeable, if at all. And for most people it goes away after a few washes (oh, all right, a lot of washes for the severely … [Read More]


What it’s Like to Wear a Mask, Part II (9.2 years later)

There are some people who need to wear a mask over their face to help them try to avoid symptoms bought on by breathing in allergens they are allergic to. There are other people who do the same because they have become sensitised to some/or all of the chemical ingredients in fragrances. And, more controversially so, there are people who wear one because they have become … [Read More...]

Organic Kale

The Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen

Source: theage.com.au via The-Labyrinth on Pinterest   Is eating organic foods better for you than eating conventional? That's what 16 year-old science student, Ria Chhabra, asked herself when she decided to find out if eating organic really was more beneficial to our health. How did she do this? She used fruit flies, which have 75% of the genes that cause disease … [Read More...]



Cash for Containers

Our marine life is being choked to death at an alarming pace. How is this happening? Via plastic pollution including bottles and lids from soft drinks that end up in our pristine oceans. We won't be bystanders to anymore … [Read More...]

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