Banana Blondie’s Response to Nicole Arbour’s Dumb Fat People Video 2

The following movie discusses adult topics and uses adult language. Fair warning… However, BanananBlondie 108 uses swear words in the Aussie/British way, with endearment, she says. Everything will be fine; watch the video.

If you haven’t seen Nicole Arbour’s video, Google it cause I’m not linking to it. Bagg’n the V word and all. Banana Blondie108’s response is funny; it’s comedy! Enjoy. :)

UPDATE: I think people may take this out of the context to which it’s delivered in. This is the video to which Michelle, aka Banana Blondie 108 is responding to, and it’s basically a hate video designed to turn people against one another using comedy. I don’t find Nicole Arbour’s comedy skits funny. Swear words don’t bother me at all but I do try to only use them expressively as opposed to using them as nouns to describe people who are already discriminated against and are marginalised, and/or those already in the minority, like vegans.

I also have to say that her vicious attack on fat obese people is not helping anyone; and I don’t find it funny: obesity is a health issue just like any other. She needs to be ashamed of herself!

So here is the link to put all this into context: now you’ve really been warned, it’s bloody gross! She titled it: ‘Dear Fat People 2: the Second Helping’. I hope she gets Hashimoto’s and ends up so fat she can’t get off the couch to get her boobies readjusted at the boob shop! And they need it, Nicole, they’re bloody crooked.

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  1. Her use of the term dumb c**t was not used as a term of endearment in the context of what she was saying about vegans.despite saying that she was. She was been completely ferocious.

    • Michellina van Loder says:

      Yes, I agree. totally ferocious. If you saw the original video, the one i won’t link to, you’d see Nicole Arbour just totally taking down every group. She mostly talks about fat people and says things I won’t repeat. It’s comedy; but it’s not helpful for us as a human race to be so stupid and cruel towards others.

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