BOLD NATIVE: a film about Animal Liberation

Today, I’m sharing the fictional film ‘Bold Native’, a movie about Animal Liberation. If you enjoy watching this film, please click on the links below it to support the filmmaker so that more movies can be produced like this one. You can also visit The Vegan Revolution channel (where I found this movie) for more re-educational information on the plight of our animals, how we can help them, and the activism going on right now; plus, how going vegan can help the planet, which—as an aside—directly helps people sensitive to chemicals. And remember, if you feel like you’re in a cage without freedom: none of us will be free until the animals are free.

More about ‘Bold Native’ from The Animal Liberation Front, and a quote from ‘Bold Native’:

“What is Freedom? Are we born free or do we earn it? And if you deny freedom to the quiet ones—those with no voice—can you be free yourself? Or are you caged by your own lack of compassion?” ~ Charlie Cranehill (played by Joaquin Pastor)…

“… an ALF member wanted by the government for domestic terrorism, emerges from the underground to coordinate a nationwide action, while his CEO father (Randolph Mantooth, Emergency) tries to find him before the FBI does. Simultaneously, a young idealist campaigns for more humane treatment of farmed animals on behalf of a large nonprofit organization, and a woman from Charlie’s past threatens to undermine his plans.

The film reflects a growing cultural debate about the use of animals for food, clothing, entertainment, and scientific research. It introduces viewers to the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) of 2006, a law which enables the prosecution of activists as terrorists if their actions result in economic damage to corporations in animal industries like factory farms, slaughterhouses, research labs or fur farms. In addition to narrative storytelling, the film incorporates undercover footage from labs, farms, and real-life animal liberations for stunning realism.”

Enjoy this stunning, powerful film!

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A fictional film about economic sabotage and animal liberation

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Michellina Van Loder is a Professional Writer, Journalist and Blogger. This is where she shares her tales about trail blazing her way out of the Labyrinth of Chemical Sensitivities and Mould. This is also where you will find the latest Research on related topics.

Thriving Health Podcast

I’ve just come across this podcast—via Vegan Revolution’s podcast—called Thriving Health Podcast:



Michellina Van Loder is a Professional Writer, Journalist and Blogger. This is where she shares her tales about trail blazing her way out of the Labyrinth of Chemical Sensitivities and Mould. This is also where you will find the latest Research on related topics.

How To Explain Why You’re Vegan

(Post updated: April 2017 to reflect new beliefs, improve grammar and clarity.)

From: The Vegan Activist, comes one of the most helpful videos so far. I have issues with being vegan, well not with the practice of being a committed vegan, it’s just(-ice) spend the-socially-interactive part of my life asking people to please not wear fragrance and sprays so I can access buildings like University, doctors, specialists and even friends and family; adding veganism into the mix just makes asking for special considerations weirder, scarier. I don’t want to offend friends and family because, as it is, being chemically sensitive to someone’s fragrance, believe it or not, can cause them to become offended. Relationships have disappeared like a puff of smoke, leaving behind caustic emotions that impede on confidence and just the idea of future friendships, interactions with family etc.

The right to wear fragrance in public/home/safe spaces: Human selfishness at it’s finest, almost… except for the mass animal holocaust that’s going on as your read this.

Breathing may be a major life activity that you take for granted; that is, until it’s impeded upon by chemical irritants or mould. Ergo, for when that person, who is always wearing their favourite fragrance, is asked to forgo their ‘personal choice’ of scent so you can breathe at Christmas lunch or other event, well, now, just imagine their reaction when telling them: “Please don’t wear any products containing fragrance” and telling them their will be “NO corpses eaten in or at our house”. Luckily, my caring vegan man is an angry vegan and adamant that animals and their by-products won’t be eaten in our future house. Lol, I have back up! We spent Xmas alone due to the fragrance issues… it’s just easier; and we had the loveliest time making a colourful festive vegan lunch.

(Update: Christmas 2016 was spent out on the balcony of our build, eating vegan Mexican food, with my lovely daughter who went fragrance-free to perfection. Image from my Instagram, below. xo)

1st #vegan #family ?Christmas ? lunch Awesome ?to see you again #beautiful #daughter? @cassie_jay_bell ??

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Still, I have to deal with the needs of my medical condition and (Update: diagnosis of CIRS), classed as a disability in Australia, but not recognised as such by the general public (the Australian Government, yes, we are getting there.), and the only choice I have when it comes to supporting the mass slaughter and consumption of animals is to not be a part of it (Update: the movement of veganism and abolishing animal cruelty are calling my name for valid reasons: Point 1), if chemicals are tested on animals yet humans can be as chemically sensitive as myself and some of my readers, then that proves the whole point of the cause: animals suffer needlessly. Point 2), we are all in this world together and if we don’t do something, we’re just sitting back waiting to die along with it.)  My diet is no longer a personal choice even though it’s what bought me here to this point. I must stand tall, stand up for what I believe is right; just like I have for all the chemical sensitivity related causes I have personally and actively supported and worked for while breaking down barriers for people like us. It’s this same personal value, the need for justice, that has bought me to publish at the blog, The Labyrinth ~ and finding our way out.

We all have slightly different reasons for choosing to avoid animal products, but the most universal one is because it’s the right thing to do. When talking to open minded people, don’t be afraid to give them the shocking facts. But with others, leading by example can be more effective, planting seeds along the way. Regardless of this, be confident and speak on behalf of the voiceless animals.
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Just by being vegan you can save up to 200 animals a year by not supporting the industry of animal slaughter and cruelty. Grass-fed, organic doesn’t mean anything for the animals because they are still systematically raped, abuse and slaughtered while kept as slaves.

Michellina Van Loder is a Professional Writer, Journalist and Blogger. This is where she shares her tales about trail blazing her way out of the Labyrinth of Chemical Sensitivities and Mould. This is also where you will find the latest Research on related topics.

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