Tiny House #1

Two Tiny House Videos

After making it to the half way point of a moderately sized house, tiny houses are beginning to look good right about now. All that space for fruit trees and vegetable gardens, not to mention our non urban councils’ out bush of Australia having laws that enable people to keep more animals…. Bring on the ducks!

Dirt Patch Heaven

… back to tiny houses: I came across this YouTube channel titled, dirtpatchheaven. This is the second video of theirs that I’ve watched. This one really caught my eye because the builder seems to be willing to work with more specific products, possibly to suit someone with allergies, asthma, MCS, CIRS, and the like? Also, perfect is how they incorporate the owners pieces of furniture into the design of the tiny home. I’m not sure about the doors folding out: that would not pass a BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) 27 guideline stating we can’t have outward opening doors. It’s a fire hazard here. Other than that, this is my favourite design. Still, it’s missing a desk! And then a deck for sun-baking too.

From Dirtpatchheaven

The Labyrinth’s favourite Tiny House Set-up

Life Inside a Box

As far as other tiny house video YouTubers, I’m enamoured by Life Inside a Box; to have watch them grow from this tiny house on desert land to the own paradise. Hell! They are in Arizona too. Possibly my dream place to live. A place where the chemically injured and sick are in the majority.  Shops and dentist cater to their every need. No one dare visits without a shower and clean clothes; plus, for each visitor: another [insert time frame needed!] of using fragrance free products leading up to a visit.

Anyway, vegan wife and man team (as far as i know they are not chemically sensitive; they choose to live this way) have series: From Life Inside a Box.

Do you like tiny houses? Do you know of any that suit people with chemical sensitivities?

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