4 Disability Assistive Devices I need to Survive

My top 4 Assistive Devices for Mould Illness (CIRS) and Medical Conditions with Chemical Sensitivity as a Symptom!

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Anybody who thinks that people who have medical conditions where their health is impacted on via chemical-irritants are living in the wrong era have it mixed up: living with modern technology makes our lives easier. The mythology that exists that we just can’t cope with the modern world and chemicals—which lets face it are everywhere and in everything—is exactly that: a myth. H20 is a chemical. We need chemicals, we need electricity for our assertive devices and we need devices that can make life living with a chronic illness, disease or other medical condition a whole lot easier. If someone has environmental illness it doesn’t mean they belong in the 1900s’ with all natural pure stuff, in a hut living a paleo lifestyle. No, it means that we need chemical-based extensibly helpful assistive devices like Air Purifiers, Face masks, Oxygen masks and tanks and, my personal favourite: a dehumidifier! Here is a listicle of my top 4!:

My Oxygen Tanks from BOC Gases

These make such a difference to my life that I cannot imagine living without them—until I get better and don’t need them, that is. I use 1 large tank and 1 medium size tank approximately every ten days. At the moment my carer pays for them, but will be applying for Government assistance soon. The biggest difference they make are when it’s smokey outside yet the smoke makes it’s way inside and into my lungs. For the last 14 years I’ve suffered upper respiratory symptoms from inhalation of woodsmoke coming from neighbours’ chimneys. Luckily for me, I live in a holiday area so it’s only terribly bad on the weekends when the terrorists holiday makers come up.

They’re also useful for when someone nearby runs diesel trucks, mows the lawn using old lawnmowers that spew out two-stroke fuel, or run their boat motors after a day of fishing while they clean it; petrochemicals knock me out for the rest of the day at the moment.

The oxygen therapy was prescribed by my doctor to be used 2 times a day for 20 minutes and also for 20 minutes after an exposure to chemical-irritants and natural substances that cause pain, long-lasting symptoms and further sensitisation—as is the case with mould exposure. Actually, I’ve been using oxygen whenever I write and also while on the phone and sometimes even while making a video because the oxygen allows my brain to work as normal. The last 6 months have seen a huge decline in cognitive skills, short-term memory and emotional regulation in times of chemical exposure. Stress just makes it ten-fold, and the anticipation of all of these can cause anxiety, which I’ve not experienced before at such a high level. 

Oxygen therapy has helped this CIRS symptom the most: It’s like feeling completely lost in an unfamiliar place even though you know you are somewhere where you’ve been a 1000 times before. If this place is on a freeway, it’s terribly frightening.

  xxxI can empathise greatly with those who suffer Alzheimers with dementia symptoms, which, over a 6 week period, is what I thought was happening to me before I saw Dr Mark Donohoe and had the Neuroquant MRI, which allowed the diagnosis of CIRS (Mould Illness) to come about so quickly. Hence being put on oxygen. (It’s also useful for doing yoga deep breathing exercises.

On some days, I can get through a 40-45 minute session of yoga with Banana Blondie 108 She has some wonderful chest opening exercises in her ‘Heart Chakra’ Yoga series. And for $10 US a month, it’s great value. You can find these classes at Thriving Plant Based There is free yoga available also. I have a post coming up on the value of the Chakra series with my lovely, gifted virtual yoga teacher!)

My AusClimate Dehumidifier

I’ve blogged before about my AusClimate dehumidifier in the post titled, This One Sure Thing: My AusClimate Dehumidifier, however, even more so than my next device, an air-filter/purifier, due to the breathing issues I have with indoor and outdoor moulds, keeping the relative humidity low is a must for comfortable breathing. There is no point having oxygen to plug into my airways if the air is full of outdoor moulds; or moulds from the water damaged ceiling in the room sealed off from my main living area. When I moved in I was told by my real estate rentals manager that the ceiling had been fixed as it was something I was concerned about when I saw the tell tale water stains on the ceiling. I believed my estate agent, and I still do.

However, a year or so after moving in it began leaking after a terrible storm. The owners of the property and the estate agent sent out someone to replace the roof; but even before that happened I was on the forum of AESSRA asking about dehumidifiers. I didn’t like what I heard so I looked on the internet under the keywords ‘mould’, ‘dehumidifiers’ and ‘mould remediation’; and that was how I came to find AusClimate. Not only was I given excellent advice on how to use my machine, like:

  • running it for 3 whole days to remove all the water from the indoor environment;
  • keep the dust mite count down (the perfect food for mould!) by vacuuming regularly; and using micro cloths to pick up dust without spreading it;
  • advice on how to keep my home mould free (so long as the water leaks had been fixed—and, with the new roof the owners of the rental put over my head, they were, for the time being, until now with this new 3rd leak. Stain over stain on the old chipboard/particle board ceiling.
  • this machine has saved my lungs a huge amount of pain because not only has the roof leaked again (which I will be blogging about in another post where I compare the AusClimate dehumidifier to the Delonghi Dehumidifier, which I have running 24/7 in the water damaged room: it’s that inefficient. And my ERMI results.) but I’ve had to put up with even more damp air
  • at least I have my AusClimate 35 litre machine to keep my living space dry, therefore, hopefully, no mould can grow on my possessions? I don’t know. If you have the answer to this, please leave it in the comments below…

But whenever it rains outside, I whack on the dehumidifier! This stops my lower lungs from hurting from the dampness in the air if I didn’t have it running. (I don’t know why my lower lungs hurt when I breathe in damp, cold or smokey air but my GP and Dr Donohoe are looking into it via an x-ray and Spirometry test, which I’m doing next week along with my tests for the Biotoxins and other bacteria shown up in my MRI.)

My living area is around 45 square metres, making up the lounge, dining room and kitchen (that’s where my bedroom, office, gym and dining area are). I never run it for longer than 5-6 hours at a time; however, once a month I run it for a whole day or night when I am out of the house. It’s so powerful that if I leave it on for too long, I can feel my eyes start to dry out, which is just a sign to turn it off. It’s winter here in Melbourne and not only do I need to suck up the cold damp air with the Dehumidifiers, I need to dry my washing inside because if I leave it outside in the rain, it gets mildewy and even worse, reeks of the chemical-irritants in woodsmoke. I have made a video about using this machine to dry my clothes, which you can watch below. 

(If you cannot watch it, basically it just shows how I hang my clothing and cleaning cloths (dusters) on a large portable clothes hanger overnight with the AusClimate running. By morning my clothing is clean, fresh and dry ready to be put away.)

xxx I’ve also made a video on how I clean it once a month. Ergo, I intend to make a video on how we clean the whole unit, fully, once or twice a year. I have heard stories of other units going mouldy—I mean they do suck up water and dust—so do need to be maintained just like any other household device. Watch the video below, and then we shall move onto clean air!

[insert video 2: How to thoroughly clean your Dehumidifier]
[Insert Video 3 on how to stop would smoke coming inside while taking a shower]

My 3M Filter Mask and Cotton Scarf

I’ve blogged about it and made a video about how useful the 3M mask has been to me over the years. 14 to be exact! Although, it used to give me a lot of freedom, it’s not longer useful unless it’s for fleeting exposures like going to the letterbox or stepping outside for a bit. When I go out I now use it with the oxygen nasal tubes underneath and it works like a charm. Amazingly so. I buy my masks from AESSRA (The Allergy and Environmental Sensitivity, Support and Research Association)

My InovaAir Purifier (Air Filter)

In 2004 I rented an Austin Air purifier to see if it worked for me. I had it two weeks and realised I needed one; therefore, I took out a small bank loan, immediately buying one. The InovaAir Purifier is almost the same design just more modern and sleek looking. It’s on wheels so can me moved about; has the reputation of cleaning the air of a small to decent size room within 15-20 minutes so long as its clean to begin with. For example: your house has clean air in it after airing it throughout a fresh sunny day, evening comes and you forget to close up the house, allowing woodsmoke from a neighbour’s backyard fire pit or woodfire chimney to get inside your house. The air is no longer comfortable to breathe on a physical level, naturally, you close up your house, turning on your InnovaAir or Austin Air Purifier onto high. Within 15 minutes your room is back to being clean again. This may not take away the inflammation or headache or asthma caused but it will stop any more smoke from impacting on your health.

(There are some other tips and tricks I have ready in another draft post that I’ll try and post before winter rudely sets in but for now, know that I go through a lot of painters’ masking tape (it’s less sticky and doesn’t pull paintwork off) and cotton wool blocking up holes where drafts pull the chimney smoke in.)

Where I get my Oxygen from: BOC Homecare (via prescription)

Where I bought my AusClimate Dehumidifier from: AusClimate online

Where I but my 3M Masks: AESSRA

Where I bought my InovaAir Purifier from: InovaAir online

Information on woodsmoke, rules for chimneys and Parliament Enquiries into the use of them: http://woodsmoke.3sc.net

Lung Association and Woodsmoke: Air Quality and Woodsmoke: http://lungfoundation.com.au/lung-health/air-quality-and-woodsmoke/

(image art by Michellina van Loder and Pixabay)

Michellina Van Loder is a Professional Writer, Journalist and Blogger. This is where she shares her tales about trail blazing her way out of the Labyrinth of Chemical Sensitivities and Mould. This is also where you will find the latest Research on related topics.

‘No Jab; No Play’ Liberal Fiasco

(Full bias disclosure: the author of this post is Pro-Vaccination: Due to herd immunity, I believe it’s important to vaccinate as many people as possible. I’m also old enough to remember Polio: I’m grateful that it was wiped out as quick as it was. And (as further proof, purely to prevent the throwing of tomatoes) when I went overseas to Thailand in 2010, even though I am sensitive to a variety of chemicals and had already lived 7 years with immune dysfunction due to mould allergies, solvents and fragrance induced Inhalant Allergies to various chemical-irritants, I chose to get vaccinated. I didn’t get sick from the vaccination or a disease.

Faced with the same choice now, given what is going on with my body, I’d choose to give the vaccination and the overseas holiday a miss, for now. However, if my children or someone else close to me asked me to get vaccinated for Whooping Cough to protect their child, I’d do it in the blink of an eye.

Also, in the 4 years since writing this personal blog about the trials and tribulations of living a life while sensitive to various chemical-irritants, I’ve avoided doing any posts on the topic of vaccination so far for two reasons:

1), Due to Autism in my immediate family: it’s a touchy subject, having a child who is on the Autism Spectrum: the talents, the quirks, the attention to detail and the child herself were gifts to me. I was insulted by the idea of a highly intelligent child being viewed as a scientific mistake, a slight to human and compassionate nature. Yet, curiously, if given $20 for every ‘my-child-has-high-functioning-Autism conversation’ I ever had where I was asked: “Did you vaccinate?”, I’d have enough to replace all my non-vegan shoes! (I really wish life worked like that.)

2), I was once shamed (well, not really, I chose to feel that emotion as well as confusion) because I said in a post: “… in my opinion, all people should get vaccinated.” Due to having the symptoms and illness that would be called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) if I lived in Germany or Japan, but instead, in Australia under my own helpful specialist, an Allergist and Immunologist, is called Inhalant Allergies to chemical-irritants instead. I was told by one dearly respected reader, on no uncertain terms, that well, apparently, I, being a person with chemical sensitivities, really should know better!

I can’t get into a discussion about Vaccination; yet it’s the Elephant in the Room when you have a small percentage of Australian people, like 2.9% in just NSW alone, one study says; and:

Prevalence in Australia: In a New South Wales Adult Health Survey in 2002, 2.9% of respondents reported having been medically diagnosed with chemical sensitivity and 24.6% of respondents reported “sensitivity to chemical odours”. In the studies in South Australia in 2002 and 2004 (Fitzgerald, 2008) 0.9% reported a medical diagnosis of MCS with more females than males reporting diagnosis. This is commonly observed in people with MCS, that they are predominately women – not unlike that observed with ME/CFS and FM. There were no differences in reporting between urban and rural environments.

So that’s why I’m writing this post, I support my friends and readers who chose not to vaccinate for medical reasons. I mean you can still choose to vaccinate even if given medical advice not to, can’t you? Will I lose Part A Tax Benefit for my theoretical child if I chose to vaccinate when advised not to?

After hearing about the Governments, ‘No Jab; No Play‘ Policy, which I think is unfair on my theoretical child because I am at the lower-socioeconomic end of the scale, at this time in my life: I find that just the freedom of choice being taken away by financial penalty abhorrent and classist. The policy makes no sense for a country that has a problem with some of the population having chemical sensitivities, yet the Government wonder why people who are in the Chemical Caution Community–as opposed to people who are a subsection of the Chemical Sensitivity Community–who don’t or can’t vaccinate because of fear. Can’t or won’t. Choice. Being forced to do something to your child knowing via maternal instinct and illness patterns that it’s not right!

There’s no logical discussion.

I call bullshit: kids have to cope with this ‘penalty’ if their parents decide not to vaccinate them. The kids will be discriminated against. No Jab; No Play. Like they have a choice and must be punished for choosing the wrong one?! Come on, now?

I don’t advise for people to research on the internet too much, there’s a lot of stuff out there that’s just wrong, say on Pinterest. Quick, ban it now!

And then I saw this:

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 3.16.45 AM(attribution.)

And I’m like WTF?

Is it like only the vaccines made by Sanofi Pasteur Inc, and they apparently contain Thimerosal (a Mercury based preservative). Australian vaccines do not have Thimerosal in any vaccines for patients under 5 years (http://www.nps.org.au/medicines/immune-system/vaccines-and-immunisation/for-individuals/questions-and-answers-about-vaccines/mercury-thiomersal-in-vaccines-for-children)

I also know that, with medical advice you can get the vaccine over a period of months while having each vaccine in singular form; so no triple antigen? I’m not sure. This is not advice. But I was sure this solved the issue for my theoretical child, but apparently not.

Sick children do not have to get vaccinated. I know this? Don’t I?

Thankfully, as a chemically sensitive woman I don’t have to make the decision to vaccinate my theoretical child.

Here’s more from

Under the ‘No Jab, No Play‘ legislation, before enrolling a child, early childhood services must first obtain evidence that the child is:

  • fully immunised for their age OR 
  • on a vaccination catch-up program OR
  • unable to be fully immunised for medical reasons.

‘Conscientious objection’ is not an exemption under the ‘No Jab No Play’ legislation.

Too bad if you have the MTHFR genes. A 23andMe Test submitted to Genetic Genie will show if you have this. It doesn’t show if the gene is mutated:

MTHFR stands for methylene-tetrahydrofolate reductase.

It is an enzyme that converts folate you eat into the active form (5-Methyltetrahydrofolate).

You can see from the pathway below that the folate you eat (DHF – dihyrofolate) has to be converted via many steps to the active folate 5-MTHFR.

The MTHFR enzyme affects this at the last step. So if you have a mutation in the gene then its going to be affecting how much active folate you have available.

There are currently a total of 34 mutations in the MTHFR gene. The MTHFR gene sits on Chromosome 1. The two variants tested (or if for cheapskates like me, (and for only $100 AU)) are found within the 23andMe test, are:



Heterozygous  = 1 copy of the gene from either parent
Homozygous  = 1 copy of the gene from each parent

MTHFR C677T Heterozygous = 40% loss of function *
MTHFR C677T Homozygous =  70% loss of function *

MTHFR A1298C Heterozygous = 20% loss of function (research not known)
MTHFR A1298C Homozygous  = between 50-70%

MTHFR C677T & MTHFR A1298C heterozygous = compound heterozygous = 50% loss of function

*Sources here & here 

The Methylation Cycle

The Methylation Cycle

However, the link between Autism and Vaccines was disproved because the results were fudged, as I remember it. As a parent, I was off the hook in that regards. However, evidence now suggests the MTHFR deficiency has been found to be related to the development of autism because, in summary from MTHFR Support.com.au:

… scientific study and evidence show that smallpox vaccination is strongly related to adverse events in healthy adults carrying MTHFR SNP rs1801133. In addition, folic acid as a maternal supplement increases autism onset rate possibly due to its effect of increasing survival rate of newborns with MTHFR deficiency. Furthermore, there is not enough evidence supporting the reports of MMR vaccination causing autism, but it is hypothesised that a vaccine component of thimerosal or ethyl mercury may be related to autism in early childhood vaccinations. Finally, there is no currently scientific evidence showing the triple relationship between MTHFR, autism and vaccination; but there are ongoing online discussions guided by known medical doctors and healthcare experts to help parents to better understand current research and information about these topics.

But there is no evidence so far that vaccines cause autism; nor is there a link between having 2 sets of the genes (one from each of both parents) Homozygous MTHFR mutations, autism and vaccinations.

A few months ago, after spitting my saliva into a lab tube for a complete DNA test, submitting it to the 23andMe test: I had my very own personal DNA assessed for the methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) deficiency gene: I have one Heterozygous MTHFR gene from one parent (I am adopted so I will never know from which parent, nor do I need to know, however, 23andMe, in regards to family history can only test a female for the maternal side of her genes) (for the father’s, they need to be submitted and linked to the female, just so you know.) All this means to me is that I’m only 20%? at risk of not being able to methylate chemicals, including heavy metals. (Note: just because a person has both sets of of the genes from both parents, making them Homozygous, it doesn’t mean they will get sick unless there is an illness, virus, poisoning or some event within the body that activates it; hence the latest Autism theory.)

It’s not a good enough reason to vaccinate in my opinion, but still, you need to be able to have the choice in regards to medical illness. The rest is a grey area, I don’t know.

23andMe is a surprisingly cheap way of testing your genes for cancer, every disease that’s been mapped. However,  you can pay $75 for a test for each MTHFR gene to your local Pathology clinic and this test is not covered under Medicare, as yet. Or you can do it with a Naturapath and claim on Private Health Insurance if you have it.

This is an area that needs more research. Australia has one of the highest incidences of allergies; this includes inhalant allergies to chemical-irritants such as fragrance and mould. Only two of the irritants known to disrupt the immune system. Add the MTHFR mutation into the equation, it’s of my opinion that this needs to be looked into further. And don’t start with the peanut allergies. Less green spaces; more allergies. Simple immunology.

But how could anyone not miss the debate in the media over the last few years? That Dori woman annoyed the crap out of me speaking about children getting Autism like it was some fatal disease. Once again, the analysis of the vaccination debate stopped right there. However, right now, I have have friends who have children with the same immune disorders as me, and they are being forced to vaccinate their kids purely because of their income bracket. Yet, I have doctors and other medical practitioners whom I’ve seen in the past who have personally told me they would never vaccinate their kids. I mean, how irresponsible of them; right? Yet, people in South Yarra and Brighton (the upper socioeconomic areas in Victoria, Australia) and the parents in Mosman and Potts Point (the upper socioeconomic areas in NSW, Australia), don’t have to vaccinate their children and they won’t be penalised; so I guess doctors and politicians can afford to not vaccinate their kids!

I really hope someone in a University somewhere in Australia is able to access records and assimilate the data relating to vaccination rates and socioeconomic status; for that, purely on a social justice level, I will find interesting.

On a funny note, and in regards to vaccinations and the alleged hypocrisy of politicians, more from the John Rapport’s Blog:

‘We’re talking about Tony Abbott, who just ruled from on high that there are no more exemptions from vaccines in Australia.

No more conscientious objections, no more religious exemptions. Only the rare medical exemption, permitted by a doctor. And suddenly, every family who refuses vaccinations for their children will lose up to $15,000 per year, per child, in federal support money. Every family in Australia is eligible for federal money.

Tony has officially ripped away citizens’ right to choose. Australia is now officially a medical police state.


Back in 2006, Tony was singing a very different tune concerning his own daughters.

On November 9, 2006, news.com.au had the story: “Abbott rules out cancer vaccine for his daughters” (see also theaustralian.com.au “I could be seen as ‘cruel’ on Gardasil: Abbott”)… ‘

… ‘”Tony was saying he wouldn’t have his daughters vaccinated with the HPV shot because there was no national program for it.

That’s like saying, “If the supermarket doesn’t sell cherries, I won’t let my daughters eat them.”’

General Practitioner (GP), Dr Mark Donohoe from Mosmon, an upper socioeconomic area in Sydney, NSW, Australia, speaks at a peaceful rally against the vaccinations situation in Australia, No Jab: No Play.

Oh, so that’s why the Liberals ditched Tony Abbot: 9 years ago, he publicly announced that he would not be getting his two girls vaccinated with the Guardisil Vaccine. The ‘No Jab; No Play’ was not mandated or some such woo ha.

More on Dr Donhoe and this rally in 2015:

Dr Mark Donohue is well regarded expert in integrative medicine and spoke at our peaceful No Jab No Pay ? No Way ! Protest which assembled at Sydney Town Hall on Sunday 21st June 2015.
We are a group of individuals and parents who believe in freedom of choice and the right of all parents to make their families medical choices free from coercion, manipulation and blackmail!Information regarding the Australian Government’s proposals to remove informed consent from vaccines. Support #freedomofchoice in all medical procedures

However, having an immune disorder, chemical sensitivities or another illness deemed too dangerous to allow a child to be vaccinated is one thing, but belonging to an anti-vaccination movement (but only for the rich at this time in Australia) based purely on principle and the conviction that all vaccines are dangerous all the time is another thing entirely according to some of  the parents, now ex-members at Voices for Vaccines:

“The fallout from changing my views was pretty extreme. Within two weeks of “coming out” on Facebook about my new stance, I lost over 50 friends. People who had cheered me on and supported me through my home birth, who had told me countless times that I was an awesome mother and an inspiration, just dropped me like we’d never been friends at all. I was removed from groups and blocked by people I didn’t even know. I was accused of being brainwashed and told that my girls were going to get autism and have terrible reactions. It hurt.
I now view the anti-vaccine movement as a sort of cult, where any sort of questioning gets you kicked out, your crunchy card revoked. I was even told I couldn’t call myself a natural mother anymore, because vaccines are too unnatural. That’s fine. I just want to be the best parent I know how to be, and that means always being open to new information and admitting when I’m wrong.”
You can read more posts from Voices for Vaccines, ‘Anti-Vax to Pro-Vax’ here
The only protection for those children and adults who can’t be vaccinated is herd immunity. This only works if the majority of us are vaccinated. Yes, the Liberal Government are going about this all wrong. Conversations need to be had, humans need vaccinations, but not all children. And no child should be punished for being vaccinated or not.


Do children’s vaccines contain mercury (thiomersal)?

Test your Own Personal DNA: 23andMe

Find your Mutations: Genetic Genie Will Read Your DNA Results

About the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register:
See each vaccine to see what the contraindications (reasons for medical exemption) are: http://www.immunise.health.gov.au/internet/immunise/publishing.nsf/Content/Handbook10-home~handbook10part4
(This post has been updated)

Michellina Van Loder is a Professional Writer, Journalist and Blogger. This is where she shares her tales about trail blazing her way out of the Labyrinth of Chemical Sensitivities and Mould. This is also where you will find the latest Research on related topics.

Where is the love?

For those of us who suffer symptoms from fragrance exposure from other peoples’ (or our own) use of products that have apparently and allegedly been ‘tested’ by the fragrance industry, themselves, and then deemed safe for human use, you need to see this short clip, ‘Where is the Love‘, from Vegan Revolution: it’s changed the way I make personal-care product choices:

At least we have a voice that we can use to say what’s acceptable and what isn’t; we can lobby; we can protest; we can blog; we can write articles; we can make YouTube clips; we can tweet. The animals can’t do a thing.

I see a mahoosive connection between ethical veganism and medical illnesses that have symptoms of chemical sensitivity, and with the condition Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. James Bourne, a Neurobiologist says that testing on animals is important so that our lives, or those of our grandparents can be saved.

But if this is true—and I’m an ardent believer in the fact that science will save us—why is it then that so many of us get so ill from breathing in fragrance-irritants used to make products smell nice, industrial solvents used to disperse them, and even natural substances used in their formulations? And, as the video, ‘Where is the Love’ clearly shows, these products are in fact tested on animals, and because they’re on our shelves, they appear to be deemed to be safe for personal use. (When was the last time you heard someone say: “Don’t use Pantene, it can make you sick?”)

Rhesus Macaque

Rhesus Macaque but mostly it’s the marmoset monkey used for testing

Without swearing, I am just going to say: This can’t be right!

Science might be saving some of us but there’s this concealed crack in Australian medicine and our very own chemical regulation system that many of us have slipped through. Where is the proof that fragrance chemicals are safe? Where’s the statistics for those animals used for Teaching and Research purposes for products known to contain chemical-irritants that impact on human health?

(May I make the suggestion that we test drugs and pharmaceuticals on actual humans? Say humans who’ve committed horrific crimes such as mass-pedophillia and murder, instead of animals who are innocent?)

I can’t find any research papers or published literature on the testing of fragrance ingredients on animals but, James Bourne, who bravely wrote the Guardian article, ‘You might find my research using monkeys abhorrent, but it could save your life‘ transparently passed on these statistics in regards to the use of animals for testing purposes of Research and Teaching in Victoria via Twitter:

Animals Used for Research and Teaching In Victoria 2014

2014 Statistics – frequently asked questions

PDF Versions

Microsoft Word versions

Animals Used for Research and Teaching In Victoria 2013

PDF versions

You can read the the preceding years’ Annual Statistics from Agriculture Victoria here

The Good News

I slept better after reading the tweet above. Or maybe it’s the medication I’m on. Cell based research and imaging sounds like a great option but will it work for testing fragrance ingredients like those that go into Pantene?

Yeah, I know, give the self-regulated fragrance industry, IFRA, a break from the ‘Wellness’ bloggers and the ‘Caution’ community. Perhaps no one is at fault here. Or, maybe our immune systems are to blame? If that is the case then, what if the research subjects, the animals that they test on have faulty immune regulation and/or inhalant allergies, autoimmune disorders or real Somatoform disorders (like for really real, yes?) What if they have MTHFR  mutations (nearly swore big time there, caught myself just for journalistic purposes, of course)? Are they using the same Biomarkers to identify the right or wrong monkey to use for their tests? That would make their testing methods on animals faulty, as well as wrong. And what if they are not even using biomarkers for CFS/ME (SEID actually) or MCS and their chimpanzee has chemical sensitivities and they just deny the poor bugger even has it? If someone, like myself, breathes in personal care products that don’t contain fragrance-irritants, my respiratory system doesn’t get inflamed; yet if I breathe in fragrance, perfume, spray deodorants, hair products, all containing fragrance-irritants and industrial solvents, I’m bed ridden for days. At the time of writing this, I am using oxygen twice a day and after exposures.

You can read medical documentation proving that chemical-irritants impact my health greatly, here. (I don’t yet have a post about how pharmaceuticals (mostly, but not always) help my health but the way things are going, it’s sure to arrive soon. Can I offer you a pancreatic enzyme made from pigs’ stomachs while you wait?)

Thank Dog for the pharmaceutical industry because, sometimes, it feels like fragrance-chemical-irritants (and mould exposure) are ruining my life: besides being sick, besides getting chronically ill each time I go out, I need to spend an extraordinary amount of time on organising fragrance-free accomodations with dentists, Uni, doctors, and the workpeople building our Allergy-Free, Eco-Friendly House; but inhaling these are not, nor are they going to end my life. (Sure, it’s possible that fragrance exposure while undergoing medical treatment may cause complications that could then end my life (probably from staying sedentary, unable to walk around the hospital because I need to practice chemical avoidance, therefore dying from a blood clot!), but who cares, really. Live for today, I always say!)

And it’s not like us humans are the ones being tested on here, anyway, is it? (Did you see what I did there?)

Say that they (‘They’ being IFRA, a Pharmaceutical company, or a Neurobiologist) use a monkey to test the drugs used to treat CFS/ME (SEID, actually.) or a Neurological or Biological disorder, perhaps the drugs are for your dying grandfather, it’s still wrong but is it as wrong?; but is it worth testing on animals for your Spicebomb aftershave if that aftershave has not even been proven to be safe? Or sorry, unsafe. (I mean, don’t listen to the 12,000 or so Canaries who say fragrances impact on their health, making them chronically ill. Read the statistics instead.)

Where’s your statistics on animal testing, IFRA?

My views may or may not be right but testing on animals, especially in regards to products that are deemed safe yet make many of us incredibly, indescribably sick, is ludicrous. Testing on animals. Is. Just. Wrong. I know this in my body. Now you know it, too.


The Guardian: You might find my research using monkeys abhorrent, but it could save your life

The Guardian: Drugs research hampered by substandard animal testing procedures

Fairfax Media: The Sydney Morning Herald: Baboons used in ‘Frankenstein-like’ medical experiments

MCS Review Factsheet: From the Australian Government National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS)

Plant Based News: REACH: EU’s Shocking (& Avoidable) Animal Testing Programme

Agriculture Victoria: The full list of Annual Statistics on Animals used for Testing for Teaching and Research Purposes in Victoria, Australia, dating back to 2009

Let’s End Animal experiments: It was Supposed to Be Safe, a well-written blog piece about how drugs tested on animals and deemed safe for humans, one man ended up dead, others ended up with brain damage.

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