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Today, I found out (through a new blog I’m now following: Meeka’s Mind), that there is a an actual trailer for author, Kathryn Treat’s book, Allergic to Life: my battle for survival, courage and hope, and it’s on YouTube! This is exciting for me as I’ve followed Kathryn since my health was set back from living in a mouldy house in 2012; luckily, I’ve made some progress and I’m on my way to recovery, but along this (the most horrid part of my life so far!) pathway out of here, she has been a beacon of hope. Hope of what is possible!

So yes, I’m proud and chuffed to see Kathryn on YouTube!

Last year, at Uni (2013), I studied my second class on interview skills: and I’ve just finished an certain interview that seems to have taken an eternity to write! (Since that class!) But as Kathryn recently said to me: “Everything happens when it’s meant to.” Now, this interview is with one of my favourite authors; but I’ll leave it up to you to guess which one… Ergo, I’ve just submitted it for publication with AESSRA‘s Sensitivity Matters, Australia’s Allergy organisation. Wish me luck on getting published, xx.

More from AESSRA’s website:

“AESSRA’s quarterly magazine, Sensitivity Matters, contains information on toxic chemicals and allergens, useful products, news of local and overseas research, book reviews, recipes and suggestions for dealing with allergies and sensitivities at home, school, work and in other situations. Recent issues have included articles on:

  • Applying for MCS-friendly public housing

  • Treating MCS with dextromethorphan

  • Coping with emergency accommodation

  • A Tasmanian holiday with MCS

  • House-hunting tips


  • Health effects of pesticides, fragrance, traffic pollution, bisphenol A, cigarette and wood smoke Back issues are available to members.”

You can download the membership form and join AESSRA, here

You can follow Kathryn on her YouTube channel, here

Follow her Blog: Allergictolifemybattle, here

Visit her website, here

Twitter, here

Or buy her book, here: Allergic To Life: My Battle for Survival, Courage, and Hope


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