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OH&S Reps@Work in Victoria, Australia have a useful factsheet for employees and employers in regards to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in the Workplace. In ‘What are the measures to prevent MCS?’ they discuss ways in which they may help to prevent, or minimise, the problems of multiple chemical sensitivity including:

    • Better general ventilation. Workers need fresh air
    • Local exhaust ventilation for sources of contaminants such as photocopiers
    • Natural fibres for floor coverings and furniture
    • Natural wall coverings rather than those that contain formaldehyde
    • Environmentally friendly cleaning products
    • Indoor plants to help clean the air
    • Banning pesticides, especially indoors, or at least severely restricting their use and using organic pest control wherever possible
    • If workers do contract multiple chemical sensitivity, they need:
      • The right to timely investigation of health complaints and resolution of workers’ compensation claims
      • The right to be believed even though the precise original cause of the syndrome may never be determined
      • The right to participate in support groups with fellow sufferers
      • The right not be harassed or discriminated against in job assignments and promotions
      • The right to job security, integrity and reasonable accommodation
      • The right not to be exposed to sensitizers such as cigarette smoke and perfumes

The material is based on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity – A Guide for Workers from the Canadian Autoworkers Union (with many thanks!) Their material was adapted from Lax MB, Henneberger PK. Patients with multiple chemical sensitivities in an occupational health clinic: presentation and follow-up. Arch Environ Health 1995; 50:425-31.

You can read more here

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