Paid Writing

I’m able to write reviews, blog posts, articles, do interviews, however, I’m not well and no longer offer my services as a volunteer. I have in the past for places such as Greenpeace and AESSRA. However, I’m also well known for doing the odd book review for free. However, being paid to write, while doing something that I love is always great. You can check out my portfolio, here.


I will aim to review all books and products sent to My Postal Address: PO Box 410, Ocean Grove, 3226, VIC, Australia. Please don’t send products containing volatile chemicals including but not limited to petrochemicals, solvents or fragrance and overt scents. Please take into consideration our environment when using packaging; and also take into consideration that I’m chemically sensitive and not at all well: If your product is not healthy, I can’t review it; if I can’t breathe properly around it… Or you think it may contain aromatic compounds, don’t send it. I am also sensitive to ink. (However, soy ink is fine.) It takes me at least one Australian summer to air out a brand new printed book. Full colour, glossy books and other literature, don’t air out for me and I won’t have them in the house. I also ask for people to wrap items in aluminium foil and to keep them seperate from advertising literature, invoices, and printed papers. Feel free to contact me before sending anything, my details can be found here.

I give honest reviews and full disclosure.

I look forward to collaborating or working for or with you in the future.

Snail Mail

My Postal Address is PO Box 410, Ocean Grove, 3226, VIC, Australia. Pen pals are welcome. Please write in pencil on well-aired paper. Please don’t send me pages with ink on them unless they’ve been well aired–preferably in sunlight! When I post printed notes to chemically sensitive people, I always use well aired paper, placing them inside plastic sheets like the ones you find here at places like Officeworks. I’m also happy to use aluminium kitchen foil instead.


You can contact me on Skype here: Miche1239. Friendships welcome.

If you would like to review my latest book and show your support by writing a review head on over to Goodreads, Amazon or Smashwords.

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Michellina Van Loder is a Professional Writer, Journalist and Blogger. This is where she shares her tales about trail blazing her way out of the Labyrinth of Chemical Sensitivities and Mould. This is also where you will find the latest Research on related topics.

Information, products and views presented by guest bloggers @The Labyrinth are not necessarily the same as those held by this blog's author, Michellina van Loder. Reviews are my own personal opinions (unless stated otherwise); and satire is used throughout personal posts. Any health topics discussed are not to be taken as medical advice. Seek out medical attention if needed and do your own research; however, you're welcome to use mine as a start.
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