Wanted: Husband for Chemically Sensitive Woman


Hi, today, I’m placing an ad out for a husband. Please read carefully before applying for this specialised position:

  • For visual entertainment must be able to wash dishes while wearing only boxer-short type undies. Footy shorts are a fine alternative to boy-leg knickers.
  • To avoid contaminating the indoor airspace must be willing to take clothes off outside, or at least in another room, and head straight for the shower (Yes, coincidently, this happens to be visually entertaining also, but that’s not the actual reason for this rule.)
  • Must be able to explain the ins’ and outs’ of this rule to visitors and be able to facilitate the actions needed to sustain it—actually, to protect visitors modesty and the neighbours eyes from seeing your uncle Ted naked, maybe we’ll just forgo visitors until my health recovers, hey?

Visitor Protocol

  • However, if we must have visitors then they must keep a set of clothes here that haven’t been washed in fabric softener, washing powder, or worn with fragrance. These clothes must be new and have been washed here at my house, in my machine and with our fragrance-free liquid (It’s the only one my immune system is okay with (for now until my tolerance comes back). Visitor showers at home with our bodywash, shampoo, conditioner and whatever else they need (shave cream/moisturiser), which we supply. You’re welcome. Visitor must drive here in a car that doesn’t have a Fragrance Emitting Device blowing out fragrance over them; or with a Scented Xmas Tree hanging from the rear vision mirror. Then when they arrive they discreetly shower (again) with our products, then put on their fresh clothes. Lunch or dinner will then be served!

    Other Notes

  • You must understand that even after a quick nick down to the supermarket, fragrances and cleaning chemical VOC residues will stick to clothing, therefore, you need to take a shower and change clothes (See take Clothes off Outside rule.). I don’t get to go shopping or into a supermarket. Rarely, I go to Costco (which is another blog post entirely!) but I wear a mask, change clothes afterwards in the car, then shower and wash hair when I get home: even with all this preparation, I can still end up laying in bed like something the dog vomited up for some days later.
  • The same rules apply to putting petrol in the car, visiting relatives, going to work—actually, going just about anywhere. I’d love to compromise on this rule for the sake of convenience and getting along with you, but, I’m sorry, my health is more important.
  • Understand that there are House clothes and Going Out clothes. It doesn’t matter how good your bum looks in those G-Star Raw jeans, you cannot wear them in the house. Now take them off. Outside. (But leave the shorty shorts on.)
  • Also understand that there are varying degrees of chemical exposure and the amount of VOC and chemical irritants (aka fragrance) that get on your clothes will impact on my quality of life (aka breathing); the solution to this: Going Out clothes can’t be washed with House clothes.
  • Going Out clothes need to be aired in between washes to avoid the build up of VOCs and harmful fragrance ingredients
  • Due to mould and dust sensitivity, House clothes can’t be folded and put away without being washed first; and furthermore, they must be aired on the rack in the bathroom between wearing them. May I suggest you choose a couple of sets of clothing and wear them on rotation, washing them at the end of the week, like I do?

    Woodsmoke rules:

  • When it’s smoky outside, in between uses, the bathroom door needs to stay taped up with painters masking tape (It doesn’t pull the paint off like ordinary masking tape does.). If it’s left unsealed, woodsmoke can enter the house and impact my health, possibly making me ill—for days.
  • If you feel like you can’t be bothered pulling off the masking tape and then reapplying it in the middle of the night, please understand that you can’t just go pee outside when it’s smoky because the smoke particles will adhere to your clothes and skin and impact on my sinuses, possibly giving me a headache—it doesn’t matter if you can’t smell it because it’s actually the chemicals not the smell that is the problem, here
  • Washing can’t be left outside at all during the cooler months because of the woodsmoke and mould spores that will get into our clothing, so it must be dried inside the bathroom with the AusClimate dehumidifier running and must happen during the day—before it gets smoky in the evening.

Mould Rules

  • Take out the trash before anything starts to oxidise, therefore causing my sinuses to react to that rotting apple core left in there last night, which I might just throw at you on account of recidivism (dying to use that word, which just means repeat offending)
  • When I tell you there is microbial activity or fragrance on something, therefore, it must go outside, you must take my word for it. Any debating on this issue will cause a domestic the scale of Hiroshima.
  • If we are in bed and about to go to sleep yet I’m having symptoms of fragrance exposure, you need to go shower again. This time use Bicarbonate of soda, please. (It’s on the top shelf next to the shower.)
  • Any fabric that’s been left wet and in a pile for more than 48 hours will go in the bin. Mildew doesn’t wash out for people who’re are mould sensitive and mould grows after 48 hours
  • Must fulfil this: Take care of my plants until I recover due to my breathing issues I have with damp soil
  • Do not turn off any of my 3 running InovaAir or Austin air purifiers. Or prepare to die a painful death.
  • Please run the AusClimate dehumidifier after each shower so my bathroom doesn’t go mouldy
  • No shoes in the house
  • Wash dog for me when I’m sick please
  • No cooking in the house until I recover
  • Use all fragrance free personal care products and don’t use fragrances that are marketed as ‘Aftershave’, ‘Perfume’ or ‘Non-Gender specific’. If you think you can use it on the days you don’t see me, what you need to realise is this: it adheres to all your clothes and does not wash out. It makes me sick for reasons only recently discovered, yet, I have had to live with this pain in my head, sinus, airways and eyes for 14 years and still do. A cure is in sight though but don’t, for a nanosecond, think you can abandon me and then when I’m all better come back all Lothario in nature with a bunch of roses and a bottle of perfume cause I won’t want you then. And out of respect for my friends who do have MCS/EHS, ME/CFS/SEID and other medical conditions where chemical sensitivity is a symptom, I won’t wear the so-called luxury product and may just throw it at you!

PS: I recently had a NeuroQuant MRI, which shows I have atrophy in parts of my brain. I believe this gives license to behaving like a two year old; and also explains a change in my behaviour over the last 4 years. Also, breathing in fragrance really hurts my head, incredibly so, therefore, tantrums are to be expected!

Oh, and only Real Men who are Vegan may apply!

Michellina Van Loder is a Professional Writer, Journalist and Blogger. This is where she shares her tales about trail blazing her way out of the Labyrinth of Chemical Sensitivities and Mould. This is also where you will find the latest Research on related topics.

The Letter from my Treating Allergist and Immunologist in Regards to Building a Safe Home

This is a copy of my doctor’s letter written specifically for my situation so that I can get help from tradespeople and product manufactures while building a home safe enough for me to live in without getting sick from the materials and products used in its construction; I also have to avoid mould, which means I am building a house that won’t go mouldy.

I have huge medical issues with solvents, which impact on my health, making it impossible for me to be near them for any length of time. For marketing purposes and the book I’m writing, Freedom: An Allergy-Free, Eco-Friendly Home, it’s just like I am writing and researching all the ideas and possible products that could be used so that other people, too, can build a home that suits their particular allergy and chemical sensitivity needs. This could include skin allergies, inhalant allergies, asthma or any other condition that has ‘chemical sensitivity’ as a symptom, including CIRS and mould Illness. In reality, however, I am building a house that has to meet the requirements of MY many allergies and chemical sensitivities, the worst being mould, solvents and fragrances.

I won’t be able to live in a house that has solvents, fragrances or mould in it. I will be homeless if I don’t get this house right. I WILL get this house to the standard I need. I WILL do what it takes to do that.

This is the letter here:


Michellina Van Loder is a Professional Writer, Journalist and Blogger. This is where she shares her tales about trail blazing her way out of the Labyrinth of Chemical Sensitivities and Mould. This is also where you will find the latest Research on related topics.

How to Get Your 3M Mask to Seal Tight

Hello! I’ve not been around this blog much due to having an awful winter where I lost tolerance to a lot of my safe foods (and as I’ve just discovered via testing with my Allergist and Immunologist, this was due to the mould, Pullaria). I’ve spent most of my time holding onto the furniture while feeling as if I am spinning uncontrollably out of control. Not fun.  Woodsmoke coupled with food reactions to the most benign foods (bananas, dates and even broccoli) have made my life miserable these last few months. However, now the weather’s cleared up, and we are so close to starting our build, I’m feeling much better… somewhat like my old self—only stronger, braver and excited to be back!

And, I’ve made a YouTube clip for you all:

This video is about How to Wear a 3M Filter Mask to protect your health from chemical irritants such as fragrance, solvents and petrochemicals used in perfumes and spray deodorants and ‘air-fresheners’. I talk about how to seal it and (somewhat) disguise it so that (some) people are less likely to tease you and pay out on you when you go out in a public space. Also, I speak about what happens when I go into a bank while wearing this over my face.

I seal the mask with the scarf because if I laugh, smile or move my face to much, fragrance and other chemical irritants get inside via the sides of the mask when it lifts off my face; so by using the scarf I can create a better seal. So far, I’ve managed to avoid having to use a heavy-duty, cumbersome silicone (or TPE or rubber) mask when I go into public spaces.

Another benefit of the scarf is it extends the life of the 3M carbon filter mask because the fabric of the scarf collects a layer of air-borne fragrance and chemical particles before the carbon saturates. I always air my scarves as soon as I can then wash them before using them.

(We all share the air! Please don’t wear fragrance when you go out into a shared public space. It’s the chemicals contained in the majority of these personal care products that impact on other people’s health; and, it’s the chemicals NOT the smell that’s the problem here.)

The mask is a 3M Nuisance mask and I bought mine from AESSRA http://aessra.org

If you are in Australia (or want to shop here), you can find a snood scarf just like the one I used in the video at Bhumi Organic Cotton. (this link has been updated.)

Do you have any tricks for getting a good seal on your mask that you’d like to share with us today?

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Michellina Van Loder is a Professional Writer, Journalist and Blogger. This is where she shares her tales about trail blazing her way out of the Labyrinth of Chemical Sensitivities and Mould. This is also where you will find the latest Research on related topics.

Information, products and views presented by guest bloggers @The Labyrinth are not necessarily the same as those held by this blog's author, Michellina van Loder. Reviews are my own personal opinions (unless stated otherwise); and satire is used throughout personal posts. Any health topics discussed are not to be taken as medical advice. Seek out medical attention if needed and do your own research; however, you're welcome to use mine as a start.
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