TashaLee: Recovering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

The following is a YouTube clip from TashaLee at Fruitful Healthful Living where she talks about her success recovering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity:

Seeing that I’ve been on a vegan diet of raw fruits, and raw and cooked vegetables for nearly a year now, I asked TashaLee if she thought that a vegan diet helped her chemical sensitivities, and here’s what she said:

NAET without a doubt is what turned my sensitivities around. Although…my clean fruitarian diet did allow me to start the big NAET treatments right off the bat. Coffee enemas and other detox methods help a ton with decreasing the toxic load, and supplements and diet help strengthen me for the parasite cleansing process. I’ve heard parasites make sensitivities worse too, so cleaning them out prob helps, and also strengthens me. But really, NAET was the biggest thing for sensitivities, giving my body the strength to do the other stuff needed for healing. Oh, also EMF sensitivity is big when vitamin D and EFAs are low, also when toxic load is high. So correcting that helped with EMFs.”

So there you go! (I’ve not tried NAET myself as I’ve not seen any good evidence-based studies to be able to recommend it; but I highly recommend a vegan diet: Better for us; better for the planet!) You can visit TashaLee’s website here.

Have you tried NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique)?

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