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NEW* Australian website to collect prevalence data on Environmental Sensitivities such as MCS. Visit the Australian National Register of Environmental Sensitivities (ANRES) website to register your Environmental Sensitivity and make a contribution to raising awareness of these conditions.

Allergy, Sensitivity & Environmental Health Association Qld Inc. (ASEHA Qld Inc) 

ASEHA is a voluntary community organisation providing support and information to people with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), allergy, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)/ fibromyalgia.


Our thanks to Nicholas & Gabrielle Edwards for hosting this website.

It is support like this that allows us to continue to disseminate information to those with Allergy and Chemical Sensitivity


After nearly 30 years ASEHA has had to close it’s doors. Dorothy Bowes has run this organisation since 1984, and now Dorothy’s health and eyesight are failing and she is no longer able to continue. Sadly there is no one able to keep the organisation going, no one could fill Dorothy’s shoes!

Dorothy has helped 1000’s of individuals through the phone support, advocacy services, newsletters, and information on how to manage MCS in their lives; and the wider MCS community through promoting of MCS in the general population, health and social services, and in Government. ASEHA (Dorothy) has been involved with many Government submissions on issues such as food safety, disability services, access to premises, fragrance free health facilities and advocated for improved resources in the community and the development of health facilities suitable for those with MCS.

Dorothy was intimately involved in the development of MCS hospital guidelines at the Royal Brisbane and Royal Womens’ Hospital’s, as well as similar guidelines implemented in other Australian states. Unfortunately the Queensland guidelines were rescinded quietly in 2009, it was two years until this came to light. It is a tragedy that Dorothy herself is now unable to access adequate health care when she needs it most. We can only wish her luck (which is in short supply) as her failing health prevents her from continuing her invaluable work.

On behalf of all the 1000’s of people who owe Dorothy a debt of gratitude for her spartan efforts in helping them cope with the travails’ of an insidious illness I extend a huge thank you.

An echo of her good work will live on in the hearts of those she has helped, and in the ASEHA website which will remain on line mainly as a tribute to Dorothy but also to continue to serve the needs of many struggling individuals. New information will continue to be added.

Thank you Dorothy and Good Luck.

You can read more about Dorothy Bowes work and find links to resources, research and signs and brochures for individuals and their carers can use to foster support from the community, government, family and schools and universities, here.

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