Passive-Aggressive Misogyny?

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Women of the world, the next time you receive a bottle of fragrance from a guy, you may want to stop and consider: is this an act of passive-aggressive misogyny? Does this person know that fragrances contain chemicals that may harm my reproductive health (chemicals like Phthalates or Synthetic Musks), and could cause me to become sensitised to the ingredients in it, or force me to make changes to my lifestyle that I may not choose to do if my body didn’t become over-toxified and/or immune compromised?

I mean, it would be the perfect way to keep a good woman down, wouldn’t it? Keep her locked up in the house, unable to go anywhere…  because not only can she no longer use her own fragrances, but breathing everyone else’s are making her chronically ill also! I’m only half joking, but you get the gist of my dark humour, yes? Of course, he’s giving it to you because he loves you and wants to make you happy. Anyway, hopefully, he will read this before he buys anything from the companies planning on making big bucks and victims from their own little passive-aggressive misogynistic-money-making adventures:

Health Concerns for Synthetic Musks

There is evidence that exposure to synthetic musks can have hormone disrupting effects. Galaxolide and Tonalide can bind to and stimulate human estrogen receptors (iii), and both musks have been shown to affect androgen and progesterone receptors (iv). Tonalide has also been reported to increase the proliferation of estrogen-responsive human breast cancer cells (v). Further, Tonalide has been identified as a photosensitizer, a chemical that becomes more toxic when exposed to sunlight on the skin (vi) and has been linked to liver toxicity (vii).

Phthalates in the Urine of Women Who Use Perfume 

Safe Cosmetics: Fragrance

Safe Cosmetics: Synthetic Musks

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  1. This might be the most ridiculous garbage I’ve ever read.

  2. This is interesting because I cannot wear most perfumes myself. Especially anything from Este Lauder. It always made me sick, hoarseness, sore throat, sinus congestion. Felt like a cold and one day I finally got that I had a problem with perfumes. Had to make my husband stop wearing it and wore mask if I came in contact.I hope DuPont goes out of business and other chemical companies. Like your humor.

  3. Even supposed ‘natural’ fragrances made with only essential oils cause problems for me. I am so tired of hearing “but it’s not perfume, it’s natural”. It’s still a scent and it still makes me ill.

    • Michellina van Loder says:

      I know what you mean. Eucalyptus oil has a huge effect on my eyes; they go all cool. I know some essential oils are synthetic based, which would make it worse. Thank goodness for unscented products, hey?


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