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In regards to Generation X, chemical sensitivities and the state of our food system, Theresa over at Living Natural Today, poses the question, “What is a Gen Xer to do?”

“There is a lot that can be done.  Some simple action steps that you could immediately implement would include researching and learning about the food you are consuming,minimizing your exposure to toxins, and becoming involved with policies that are — and have not yet — been implemented.  Our generation needs to stand up and take notice for the generations that follow.”

Theresa is right, “We all need to stand up and take notice for the next generation that follows.” People who are sick from chemicals need to keep the conversation going. Social media is a powerful tool. We can all partake in a revolution from the safety of our beds, deep in the middle of the night. There are online petitions we can sign. Blogs. Facebook. Generation X, we can make this work!
I wonder how many Generation X-ers have MCS or are sensitive to chemicals that have an impact on their lives?

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  1. Shared this – awesome representation of what’s going on.

    • Michellina Van Loder says:

      Glad you enjoyed it; and thanks for sharing it. That reminds me, there has to be a Gen Y one out there somewhere…

  2. What a great infographic! Gen X has done a lot for our wonderful world of technology, but doesn’t often get credit. We just published an article on alumni relations struggles with Gen X. Let me know what you think.

    Audra Graham | Verge Pipe Media

  3. You know it but when you see it like this it is much more powerful. Thank you Miche.

    • Support says:

      I know, I really connected with this. I love info graphics, they really inform people quickly. I think it’s a visual thing.

  4. Wow, very informative infographic. I know it’s not part of the “trial” theme but cigarettes must have an impact too. I’m Gen Y and still can’t believe how much the previous generation was exposed to cigarette smoke.

    • Support says:

      I love it when Gen Y ‘get’ this. Oh, yes, cigarettes need to be there. I was a smoker at age 14. ‘They’ used to give them out at shopping centres (pretty women dressed professionally) and I thought it was so grown up. But then as a grown up woman who smoked myself, I would spray myself with fragrance [*oh, but it was designer parfum*] to cover up the smell of stale tobacco. I really think that Gen X children who were forced to sit in their parents cars while they smoke (with the windows up) either developed asthma or grew up to be smokers themselves!

      • People gave cigs out at shopping centres?! That is crazy. Although when I think of it, perfume is advertised the same way at department stores with the free spritz. I blame advertising for making people smoke and celebrities for making people wear perfume! I’m very thankful that my parents never smoked but my relatives did and all their children grew up to be smokers too. Unfortunately my mom is a perfume addict so I didn’t get totally spared.

  5. Powerful to see it all in one place like this!

    • Support says:

      Oh, yes. I love infographics. We need one that links smoking with fragrance. You know, the similarities?

      • Totally!
        I wish I had access to better software and a good list of everything that comes out of tobacco smoke to be able to run a comparison with IFRAs list. There are already some apparent shockers, but it would be good to get them all as well as the health effects… Doing it manually is very tedious.
        Actually, I wish someone else would do it!


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