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Scent-Free Canada Pinterest Page

Scent-Free Canada Pinterest Page

Today, while procrastinating over my latest assignment for Industry Overview II (a module that’s class that is fragrance chemical free), I came across this amazingly informative Pintrist page: Scent-Free Canada. I like how they have the informative byline:

“Resource for fragrance-free, scent-free products available in Canada. Share with Coworkers/Family/Friends! Note: If you’re sensitive to synthetic ingredients some products may not be suitable for you.”

Nowhere is this more true than in the life of people who are effected by fragrance chemicals. The nature of the condition, whether it be fragrance allergies, chemical sensitivities, irritant induced asthma, or one of the many other immune disfunction disorders that leave the sufferer experiencing physical reactions to fragrance chemicals, is the vast amount of differences in the types of products that people can use, and the reactions they (may or may not) have to the ingredients (natural or synthetic) used in the manufacturing of them. Ergo, this Pintrist page is a great place to start if you are looking for products that won’t cause or exacerbate illnesses. It is totally awesome that once people are educated about the harm that can be caused just by wearing them into a room where there are people whose health will be effected via the inhalation of fragrance chemicals, that they then go and look for products that won’t cause harm! And it’s so great that people are kind enough to spend their free time making pages like this.

And just in case you are thinking: What about the people who we try to educate about this issue, the ones who won’t give us anything except for a facial expression that looks like a puckered cat’s arse under a full moon? What about all the people who try to wear products that won’t harm others, and then the few who don’t care, keep on wearing their ‘designer’ fragrances into public places? What about them? What can we do? Well, my dears, what we can do is nothing… But just know, people are followers. They run with the pack. And eventually, they will follow. These people don’t want to be the ones left out. They don’t want to be the person wearing fragrance, standing out like dog balls on a kitty-cat because they are the only one wearing it in a room where everyone knows (and has known for sometime because management keep telling them: please try not to wear it. It’s a Health and Safety issue) it will cause so-and-so to get ill. They won’t want that. (Just imagine someone lighting up a cigarette in a restaurant, or worse, a school? It just wouldn’t happen. Anymore!) So, everyone out there, keep up the education; the gentle persuasion; and the fragrance free gift giving!

So, yes, please, check this page out, embed the image on your blog, or send it out into your social media sphere:

“Where do I find Scent-Free products in Canada? If you work in a scent-free environment or have sensitivities, you can find hundreds of scent-free products available in Canada. Follow on… – Share with coworkers, family and friends by liking this pin on Facebook, Tweeting or embedding this pin on your blog. #fragrancefree#unscented#scentfree#mcs

Source: via Scent-Free Canada on Pinterest

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Michellina Van Loder is a Professional Writer, Journalist and Blogger. This is where she shares her tales about trail blazing her way out of the Labyrinth of Chemical Sensitivities and Mould. This is also where you will find the latest Research on related topics.

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  1. Danielle B says:

    Hello Michellina, I was browsing on Pinterest and was led to you and your blog. How odd that after 2 years of searching for scent-free products in Canada, I should come across Scent-free Canada through you.
    I have been increasingly suffering from MCS, and have been seeking diagnosis for the past two years. Not easy to obtain in my corner of the planet…
    Anyway, it’s nice to find great resources, and although we are so far from one another, I feel closer to you than my next door neighbour – Lol.
    I will subscribe to your blog, you have gathered a lot of useful information, like the recent MCS/ES Biomarker study. Congrats on getting your writer/editor degree, and wishing you a very Merry Christmas⛄

    • Michellina van Loder says:

      Hi! I’m so happy you found my blog and are finding some of the information helpful. I too, love that MCS/ES Biomarker study. Am always on the lookout for good news or interesting stories. Scent-free Canada is an awesome resource! I think i need to reshape that sometime soon. Just so you know, I feel a kinship with Canadians. I think our countries may be similar. Yes, I’m chuffed to have my studies over with for now :) xo Happy New Year to you :)

  2. MCSgal shared your site with me as I was compiling info to speak to my school board about MCS. I did not originally begin my blog to specifically discuss my MCS but that is the direction that I am being led. I have added a page to my site — listing all the blogs I can find that support those that support a fragrance free world. I have added your blog to that list. If you would like to be removed for some reason please let me know. Thank you for all the great info.

  3. LOVE their pinterest and I don’t even have MCS! :)

  4. The ripple effect is slow but effective. For each of us who are chemically sensitive, the people around us become aware and then some adapt their lifestyles to our limitations which ultimately helps them. I have seen friends’ young children become very tuned-in to the presence of perfume because they have learned that some people are negatively affected by it. The next generation may be a huge turning point for eliminating some of these problem chemicals in our world.

    • Michellina Van Loder says:

      Yes, it’s such a beautiful thing to see this come from our misfortune. It makes me feel lucky when I know someone younger has learnt something from being a witness to it. I hope you are right about the next generation! My daughter wants to be an Anthropologist, and I’m sure this lifestyle of mine has had a huge affect on her in that aspect.

  5. Those people are also masked to the chemicals and smells of those chemicals. So they, like an addict, need to continually put on more before they can begin to smell it. And to our detriment.

    I did notice that some of the scent-free products still have chemicals that I am allergic to but it is a beginning. I am going to go back and spend some time looking at the products on the page.

    • Michellina Van Loder says:

      I never thought of it from an addicted type of perspective. Although that would explain the passion some feel for their fragrances. When I used to use it, I sprayed it on all my possessions. I have to wonder: how many people did I bother physically with my own obnoxious use of perfume?

      Dior have a fragrance called ‘Addict’!

      Yes, there would surely be some that would effect most of us. But if people are thinking about their choices, then that’s great! I’m fascinated by the hair spray/gel board. I’m thinking that the Argon oil looks natural, and may be worth a try. My head is so bloody itchy; it’s driving me to distraction.

  6. I have found the ones who marinate in scented crap– are addicted to it!!!!! I would say most all who still use so much of the toxic chemicals– are totally addicted to it– as I have posted on my blog many times– the toxic chemicals in many scented products are as addictive as cocaine to them!!! And I find- those same people are the ones who say oh– yes– scented products bother me also– BUT WHAT I USE ISN’T TOXIC!!!!!! Choke– choke–(I have found there is no reason with them– you just walk away– before you die from the toxic chemicals they use!!!) What is even more suprising to me– is those who suffer from MCS & still use the toxic crap– or still try to find something that isn’t toxic to THEM– & what are we trying to teach– when they only think about them selves!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t they have any consideration for other people that it does make sick!??

    • Michellina Van Loder says:

      OMG, Sonda, you are too funny: “Marinate in scented crap!” Yes, and the addict perspective comes up again! I’ve always been suspicious of McDonalds putting something in their foods to make them addictive (I know I used to be addicted to eating the burgers), so maybe these fragrance companies have found a way to do that also? It wouldn’t be hard. I mean, the ingredients are hidden under the Trade Secrets Act. so they can put what they like in there.

      I think the the whole thing is about educating people. It’s easy for us because we associate pain to using these products. But for people newly chemically sensitive, it’s a huge transition. It’s so hard to change everything at once, and those bloody commercials make things look so attractive! Fast forward a few more years, and people will see that wearing fragrance is just like smoking. Worse!

  7. , Thank you Michellina, the day will come; but how much damage are they doing to us all now, it is just so horrendous that most of the general public are just so unaware/set in their old noxious product buying mode, that it is so hard to break thrrough to them. Even one’s who should know better and have seen the suffering and pain that htese toxic chemicals do to one’s life.
    I use Queen Bee candles, and Alchemy, and Mirenesse. It’s nice to see the choices and the links you provided. Thanks again. Hope you have a good week :-)

    • Michellina Van Loder says:

      I use Alchemy too! I need to look into Queen Bee candles though; I could do with some of these, especially if they are beeswax. Thank you, you too, I hope you have a lovely week. :)

  8. Thanks for the write-up Miche!! I appreciate your support :)

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