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I’ve not been around or blogging as much because I’ve been busy completing my assignments after applying for special consideration at Victoria University (VU) so that I could have more time to complete them. It was either that or quit. And I’m not quitting! I have until the 10th of December to do this, so I’m pushing it, but just may actually do it. It’s not easy not being able to attend classes due to fragances yet still being a member of class and doing the work. VU have been awesome in helping me (I have a post coming up on this later), not only have I had my own notetaker, attended my poetry workshopping class via Skype, and had digital recordings produced of the actual classes, but I just had a private meeting with the teachers. Isn’t that just cool? I did attend and complete one class, InDesign, this semester. I cannot put my finger on the formula that makes some classes accessible and others  inaccessible, but when I do, I’ll be sure to blog or write an article about it.


Here is a link to what I’ve been working on. A list of Fragrance Free products that are available in Australia, which I’ve devoted a whole page to. (My plan is to do one for the US, Europe etc… So if you know of places that specialise in Fragrance Free products drop me a link or the name of it, down in the comments section, and that way, I can add it to the list. This will be much appreciated: these lists are so that others who are looking for these products can find them easier!)  Just remember that not all products are safe to be used by everyone or around everyone; and if you’re not sure, and you’re using the product yourself, then test it; and if you’re using it around someone else, ask. But these products are a damn good start! Hell, I use most of these myself!


Be ready for my blog posts: Acceptance of a Blog Award, Moi?; How to Have a Fragrance Free Xmas; How to Foil a Room; Walking on the Wild Side, and much more.



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  1. I write about chemical-free cleaning products as well as choosing VOC products for every aspect of a house. I am going to do a post on chemical-free beauty products soon as well! Thanks for your blog! I wish I had tried asking for special consideration during university but I was not a very good advocate for myself at them time. Much better now.

    • Michellina Van Loder says:

      That’s great that you are writing about that. It’s the perfect time, as so many people are interested and want to make positive changes to the products they use. Keep up the great work! I’ve only asked because I went to a different TAFE one other time, and I was treated awful, so this time, I had no choice: it was ask or leave; and I’m glad i did because it’s turned out to be a really positive experience, which I’ll try to post about later this week. Just remember: every thing get others to do/or change for us will benefit someone else in the future. Drop back and leave a link here so people can go there; also, I’ll link to your pages in some of my posts soon. take care x

  2. So good to hear from you again! Love your positive attitude. :) You rock.

  3. Great post, Miche and I’m super stoked how well VU are responding to your requests and needs regarding in class study. Kudos to them, hey? Nice to hear that some people out there get it and understand. Love your list and my faves are Vegesorb, Alchemy shampoo and conditioner (gentle) and the body crystal I’ve been using for years and years – love em’.

    I’m chemically sensitive but not always fragrant sensitive as not all upset me which is interesting. I cannot go near scented loo rolls for example but I like to wear perfume but there are only about two on the planet that I have found I don’t have an adverse reaction too.

    I cannot use normal deodarants evah! And the smell is horrendous.

    What do you use for perfume, Miche?. Do you use an essential oil blend? Even some essential oils and incense I cannot use. So I find the ones I love (as I adore incense and essential oils) and stick to the same brands…and sometimes I will light my favourite incense and on that particular day for whatever reason – I feel ill and have to put it out. Bizarre, hey?

    Good luck with your studies and looking forward to seeing more posts :)

    • Michellina Van Loder says:

      Thank you, Michelle. I’m super stoked too at how well they’ve responded. Still, it’s been a tough year (And praise the pixies it’s over!) because it’s unchartered territory for them/me somewhat. I’m not the first chemically sensitive student to go there, but I think since things changed, health wise, this year, I might be the most CS so far (not that I’m that sick, I know/have known plenty of people who have this far more serious than me). It is nice that some people understand it. I really feel that people are becoming more understanding and the world is changing in that respect: it’s so damn obvious what causes/worsens asthma and immune disorders/illnesses for people who are affected by chemicals. It’s a bit like the smoking, and asbestos debacles of years past, I think. People are becoming more aware, and I never feel that people don’t believe me, but I do hear of that happening, especially in the US. I think I gravitate towards more empathetic people, or something (e.g..writers)?!

      I LOVE Vegesorb, and Alchemy shampoo and conditioner! I’ve only just stopped using a few ‘fragrance free’ products that contain chemical preservatives, parabens, and plasticisers; these I’ve been using for a while because they don’t affect my eyes or breathing, but since my health has gone down, I’ve decided to give my body a break and use as much natural products as possible, so I’m back to slapping on good ol’ avocado oil and shea butter. (Although, as you know, there is a hypocritical part of me that is dying to dye my hair :))

      As far as not all fragrances affecting you, I’d say (and I’m not a doctor of anything, but I’m full of doctor’s theories because I’ve undergone so much friggen testing over the years – ha-ha) that you are only sensitive to some of the chemical components of them. Maybe solvents and petrochemicals, seeing you have such a strong reaction to paints? The deodorants have all those and more… like hydrocarbons, which dispense the aromatic solvents. I’d love to know which two fragrances you are okay with as I find that really interesting. I still love scented things but have to make do with scented flowers and plants, which I have a huge collection of. I see a medical professional who wears Channel Mademoiselle every day, but goes without it for our appointments; on a few times she has forgotten and I’ve found it doesn’t affect me like the others–like the ones that feel like they are eating away at my eyes–then I found out it was the dab on oil type, not the spray on, so I figure that makes a difference.

      I too adore essential oils; however, at the moment I can’t use any. Not a single scented thing at all, except for a few teas (not really scented though but do smell lovely) like ‘wine and roses‘, which has rose petals and muscatel mixed with it. But when I recovered I was using Kosmea products that have rose geranium oil, rose hip and calendula; and I had my own home-made potpourri in the garage made form rose geranium and jasmine! At the moment, I use Herbon fragrance free dishwashing liquid, and surface spray for cleaning and bicarb and vinegar. In that aspect, I have something amazing to share with you: last week for the whole week I had a rose in the house on top of my microwave! And for three weeks I’ve had no sinus inflammation so breathing in natural smells like cooking etc… have not been problematic. I’m pretty sure that natural scents are only a problem at the moment because of all the other exposures to moulds and what not.

      I really think that for people who are sensitive to chemicals it’s important to be able to focus on the things that smell good. I’m not sure what it means when things are okay one day (like your incenses) and not okay the next day, but it could be the bodies way of pointing out that it’s overloaded or over-toxified?

      Thanks for the well wishes with my studies. I’ve so needed them! Ahh, but it’s all over now! My assignments are officially in!


      • Yes, it is super awesome that there is a growing awareness :) And yep, I hear you with dying your hair. I loved my hair when it was aubergine but I stopped colouring my hair seven years ago because I developed alopecia directly related to hair colouring and the natural dyes were flat, uninspiring colours and I just became sensitive to everything at that time! I decided going grey was better than going bald. There’s another story right there LOL

        I would agree with you that I am more sensitive to solvents and petrochemicals – you should see me at the gas station :/ As for fragrances and incense etc…it’s almost I can go X amount of time being okay with something – I have a break from it for whatever reason and when I go back to it – it’s like WTF…or I become sensitive to it when at first I wasn’t, which would be in line with your thoughts about toxic overload. The two current perfumes that I’m not reacting to are: Knowing by Estee Lauder and Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior…who knows when I will have to look for something else :)

        I avoid most scented things in preference to plain eg: candles, soaps, creams, toilet tissue, air fresheners and don’t even talk to me about the so called natural Orange air fresheners – I so want to puke anywhere near that stuff.

        It’s nice to hear the rose had such a positive effect on your breathing :) I do like fresh flowers but they have to be pretty bland smelling for me.

        I use earth choice cleaners – the lemon fragrance doesn’t bother me, but put me anywhere near Jif and I literally want to die…so clearly it is certain types of chemicals, WD40, diesel, petrol, and artificial perfumes as in scented candles with the exception of sandalwood, patchouli and musk. I’m the same with certain incense and essential oils which makes me consider that maybe with the perfume for example it’s the certain notes of a perfume that I’m sensitive or not sensitive to. Eg: The smells that don’t affect me are the middle and base notes in the perfume I mentioned. Not sure if that means anything or not….

        And glad the studies are over! You made it – well done, YOU! X

  4. Interesting topics– looking forward to reading them———

    • Michellina Van Loder says:

      Thank you, Sonia. :)

      • I’m Sonda— :)

        • Michellina Van Loder says:

          Oops, sorry, Sonda. If there were an award for mixing up/and mistaking people’s names, I’d be sure to get it! :)

          • That is fine— but for years & years & years I answered to “anything” besides what my name really is– & I decided a few years ago–it was time– to not answer to anything– BUT to say what my name really is– :)

            • Michellina Van Loder says:

              Better to speak up. I used to answer to my name being pronounced as miCHy instead of Misha even though it’s spelt ‘Miche’ but has the Misha sound. Now, I just tell it like it is cause I don’t want to be called the wrong name. What does Sonda mean? Is it a US name or something else? I like it because it’s unusual! :)

              • No meaning—- my parents– let my 4 year old sister name me— I have never forgiven them!!!!! :) hee hee I have only met one other person in this world named the same thing——– I think your name is beautiful!!!

  5. I am so happy that you have been given special consideration. Hooray for you! Look forward to more blogs when you get your assignments caught up as I have missed seeing new posts from you. I am flagging notification of this post in my email so I can look at your list of fragrance-free products. Been a long day and I am heading off to bed.

    • Michellina Van Loder says:

      Thanks Kathryn, me too. I feel blessed because of how good they’ve been to me. I have many posts in the pipe line. Umm, including two about BLOG AWARDS, thank you. You are so kind, inspiring and supportive. It means a lot to me. x

      PS: I do hope you recovered after your little outing for xmas presents. I know that feeling.


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