How to Walk a Dog When You Are Housebound

If you own a dog and you can’t get out to take it for a walk, then you could, perhaps, think about buying a treadmill for it to walk—or run—on! I didn’t buy one for my dog, Bella, I bought it for myself, but she makes great use of it. The problem is though, she has entitlement issues: when I’m using it, the sweetheart just sits staring at me until it’s her turn. At least she can grasp the concept of waiting, but she does makes me feel as if I should hurry up share.

You might find your dog likes it as much as mine does. In this video, it’s one of the first times she went on it, therefore we kept the safety cord clipped onto her collar just in case she came off and hurt herself. Nowadays, she can go on without it because she just jumps off whenever she likes.

Sometimes when I’m writing she comes in, sits on the treadmill and waits for me to turn it on for her. It can get annoying because she has no sense of timing. Too bad if I’m busy…

But anyway, we’d both much rather be out walking here:


Anyway, it won’t be long now.

PS: Cats can do this too. (But don’t tell them, because all cats have entitlement issues (and apparently Aspergers too) and you’ll never get any work done.)


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  1. I love it! :)

    • Michellina van Loder says:

      I know, it’s great. We live near the beach now, so Bella hasn’t been on the treadmill for six months or so. :)

  2. PS: Lurrve your new website – it really is very beautiful, great layout and design and such interesting content. Love it! ♥

    • Michellina Van Loder says:

      Thanks, yours is lovely too. I see you’re a bit of a clever little Maverick in the web design area. You have three now? Not sure how you do that… Hummingbird looks awesome. x

      • You are too kind – and Hummingbird is slow to get going – arrgghhhh! Working on it as we speak. Three is too many for me to manage so will be incorporating author site into Hummingbird – a lot of work but…

  3. Oh Miche – I luuuurrrve this video :) Awesome – do more of them grrl. Get your beautiful face up there having a chat, your lovely dog can join in :) And the cat video is gooorgus!! Cats are waaaay cool X

    • Michellina Van Loder says:

      Look, when I put one up, it’s going to be because of you! :) I’m thinking of doing a series where I review masks and filters, seeing I’m an expert in that area. I’m an insane animal lover :) Two dogs, six cockatiels, and a lizard (until my daughter tricks me into getting more!

      • YAY! So glad I’ve inspired you. I’m an insane animal lover too, but only have one cat left of what was once a menagerie. Soon I will be the intrepid, nomadic traveller so no more animals for awhile. Your series on reviewing masks would be very interesting but talking about your experience in general, very fascinating and useful topics, and who doesn’t love to listen to a video when the ‘ole eyes are hurting from too much reading. Keep sharing your gifts beautiful ♥

      • michellina… is there any way u can contact me, i have a facebook account… Jasmine Bagatella. that would be awesome, thanx :)

        • Michellina Van Loder says:

          Yes, sure I’d like that. I don’t use fb much, but I will send you a f/request asap. :)
          Cheers Miche

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